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Jira Ops - a new service from Atlassian
Modern incident management. One place to respond, resolve, and learn from every incident. Raise an incident in Jira Ops or through an integration with your alerting tool. Then fire up a chat room, alert additional responders, and publish initial comms all with a single button. This is Jira Ops.


The features looks great and I especially like the connection between the different tools such as the new Jira Ops, that looks very much like ServiceDesk, that connects to StatusPage and Slack. Postmortem followup in Confluence would make it easy to reference in ServiceDesk in the event a similar incident happen again, or if a temporary fix has been setup. Jira Ops is now available for free, at least for now.

The integrations looks good and the reports seems ok, but I did not see a SLA setup as we have in ServiceDesk and I would like to know how tasks are connected in case they need to be fixed by a developing team, or other teams using Jira for task management. Affected services are also a bit interesting since it's usually a pretty big database of hardware, software and services for big companies.

I will add it to my own setup and play around with it to see how it works and what to expect of it. I like what I see so far though, how about you?

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Take control of your notifications in Jira with Announcer for Jira
Announcements in Jira is an important part of the Jira administrators job. The balance between being annoying and not keeping the users properly informed is a thin line indeed. While Jira provide email and banner options, its still a blunt tool to use and sometimes you even wish for your Jira Project Leaders to have the power to keep their projects informed.

This is where Announcer for Jira can help. With it's flexible system it can inform users in many ways, including group selection, scheduled notifications, several types of notifications and more you can make your notifications as unobtrusive as your users need them to be. It's quite the tool to add to your arsenal of plugins and during upgrades and incidents your users will love you for giving them the power to be informed.

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