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  • JimiWikman

    Elementor Pro 2.0 – Introduces Theme Builder

    Elementor is one of the big CMS plugins for Wordpress and their Pro version has just announced an update to Elementor 2.0 that allow you to customize sections that usually require code changes such as header and archive pages. This is done in the same easy to use interface as all other Elementor functions and it really look impressive to see it in action.


    We just released Elementor Pro 2.0, the most advanced page builder ever created, with built-in theme builder capabilities. Design your entire site in a new visual way that is light years ahead.

    Not only is this addition very useful and impressive in a way that will simplify site creation a lot for people that are not used to, or comfortable with, coding. This is also a core Elementer Pro feature and the Elementor team didn't raise the price at all, so you get it for free if you are already a Pro user.


    It all started as a crazy dream: creating a complete website builder solution for WordPress. Until now, there were two major restrictions preventing it from happening:

    Some parts of the theme simply couldn’t be touched. You had to use code and a lot of guesswork to change different areas of your theme. Using Elementor, you were restricted to the content area of your website.

    Until now, you could only create static content, not dynamic content. Unlike landing pages, the dynamic parts of your site (like blog posts or product pages) required dynamic content, and couldn’t be handled without code.

    With Elementor Pro 2.0, we addressed both issues, making it possible to design every part of the website dynamically, visually, and with zero code required.

    Meet Elementor Theme Builder

    With this release, you can finally visually customize your headers, footers, archive pages, single post pages and other areas of your site. This not only saves you time, but introduces a whole new drag and drop experience to building WordPress websites.

    We believe the new theme builder capabilities will change how people create and edit websites. We worked months developing the most streamlined, simple process for editing every area of your site. WordPress users on all levels will be able to quickly learn to use and incorporate the new features in their workflow.

    The new website building process include the following parts:

    • Template Type – Choose the type of template you want to create. This can be header, footer, single post page or archive page.
    • Dynamic data – Build the framework of your page using dynamic content. This way, your content gets filled dynamically with content from your website
    • Conditions – Set conditions to determine where your template will apply: across your website, for a specific page, or any condition you may like


    The Elementor Pro 2.0 is taking several steps forward and it really is impressive to see the new templates and how easy it is to change the elements. I still wonder why this is not built into Wordpress by default however, but that is a different topic.

    Do you use Elementor or or any other CMS plugin for Wordpress and if so how do you like this new addition to the already impressive Elementor 2.0 that you get as a free upgrade?


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