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  2. Invision is a popular tool for visual designers and UX designers, but it is usually a pain to transfer the information over to Jira. With Invision for Jira that becomes less problematic since you can embed an inline prototype directly into a Jira issue that also include the inspect function that makes life easier for the developers. While this is very nice, it really is just a fancy way to link people to Invision because the links will take you to Invision and you get the same issue with making sure everyone have a login and understand the way Invision works. This does not solve the actual problem to bring in the information the designers need into the documentation, it just add a more convenient way to direct the users to Invision. So this leaves the designs in Invision, which is not a good place to keep designs once they are agreed upon since you need to ensure the designs are not continuously improved as that cause issues with requirements. This can be solved by transferring projects to a another, controlled Invision instance, but that is messy and prone to confusion and mistakes. What I would like to have is a way to embed this directly into Confluence where it can be version handled and controlled from a requirements perspective. The concept is amazing, but the solution right now is not enough for a good way to bring in design in a controlled way as a requirement into Jira unfortunately.
  3. JimiWikman

    Warframe Fortuna - we all lift together

    Warframe, the free to play game that just keep putting all other games to shame when it comes to content creation and communicating with their community, announced a new city to play around in called Fortuna. The presentation comes with an amazing song that just hit me right in the heart! Do you like it?
  4. Gliffy Projects for Jira is another great product from the Gliffy Team and this time they help bridging the gap between design and development. It's an easy concept that is easily understood by the designers using hotspots in the design directly connected to development tasks. The concept is super easy and it is quite nice to be able to just add work tasks directly to a design the way Gliffy Projects do it. The down side however is that you need to use another image manager which is the Gliffy Projects. If I am already using Invision for example it does not really feel natural to add the images again to another tool just to create the hotspots to Jira. For this to be a slam dunk I would love to see it integrated in Confluence like their other products so I can stay in one tool for requirements and from there simply connect the uploaded designs in the same way. I do hope Gliffy are working on this because that would make this an invaluable tool in any project using visual design or workflows that need to be translated into activities.
  5. JimiWikman

    Finally back in the gym again!

    It's been a very long time since I went to the gym, but I am finally back again. I am weak and today I am in pain as my muscles complain about the abuse I put them through the last few days. It feels pretty good in other words. As usual when I hit the gym I go for contact over weight. People look a me a bit weird when I workout since I do not push for heavy weights since my body is so weak right now. Instead I focus on getting the movements right. Technique is more important and instead of stressing the muscles with heavy weights, which means I would risk injuries, I "bleed" them instead. Bleeding the muscles is just pumping them so full of blood that you rip the muscle fibers from within. This can be done with small weights so the risk is smaller than loading up on heavy weights. The pain is just as bad though, so that is good. The aim now is to push at least four days a week for the next 4 weeks to get into the routine gain. As I go back to work after the vacation I need to figure out how to keep the training going. As I work long days that are eleven to thirteen hours long with commuting that makes working out a bit difficult unless I want to hit the gym at the same time as everyone else. I do not like that kind of training though and I just get frustrated in crowded gyms. I also need to do something about my core. I have problems finding good ways to get focused core training and since that is my biggest training area due to a funnel chest and weak abs. I am considering if I should join a Tae Kwon Do club as I love the art of kicking and it's an amazing way to get great core training that I love to do. I also need the flexibility training as I am getting old and stiff. First I need to get my body used to the workout again so I do not have to walk around like a zombie due to the muscle pain 🙂
  6. JimiWikman

    Playing Destiny 2 online is a bit scary

    Playing Destiny 2 is fun, but being a solo player means you are pretty much screwed out of most of the end game activities such as Raid and Escalation Protocol. The solution is to join a clan, but that require you to connect with people that you do not know over Discord. That is a bit scary. As a person I like meeting new people in person, but I hate talking to them on the phone. That is because I pick up so much in the communication non verbally so I feel a bit awkward just using voice communication. In my gaming I do not play that much. In fact I spend roughly 10-12 hours a day with work, if I include the travel time. That leaves very little time to play games, especially a game like Destiny where you pretty much need to be organized if you want to get anywhere with end game activities. So in order to actually do Nightfall and Trials I joined a clan. Well, technically it's my second clan since the first one kind of died out. Joining a clan is just the first step however and you need to join in on one of the chat rooms to co-ordinate things. In my clan we use Discord for this, which is a great way to communicate. But a bit scary. You pretty much randomly call someone and you have no idea who might be on the other end. This is a bit scary, but scary does not always have to be bad. Sometime scary is actually quite fun as you get to push your own limits a bit. So far my experiences have been great, but there is a lot to learn about the online social interaction that is quite different from analog social interactions.
  7. JimiWikman

    Update on Gutenberg

    Progress on the Gutenberg project, the new content creating experience coming to WordPress, has come a long way. Since the start of the project, there have been 30 releases and 12 of those happened after WordCamp US 2017. In total, there have been 1,764 issues opened and 1,115 closed. As the work on phase one moves into its final stretch, here is what you can expect. In Progress Freeze new features in Gutenberg (the feature list can be found here). Hosts, agencies, teachers invited to opt-in sites they have influence over. WordPress.com has opt-in for wp-admin users. The number of sites and posts will be tracked. Mobile app support for Gutenberg will be across iOS and Android. July 4.9.x release with an invitation to install either Gutenberg or Classic Editor plugin. WordPress.com will move to opt-out. There will be tracking to see who opts out and why. Triage increases and bug gardening escalates to get blockers in Gutenberg down to zero. Gutenberg phase two, Customization exploration begins by moving beyond the post. August and beyond All critical issues within Gutenberg are resolved. There is full integration with Calypso and there is opt-in for users there. A goal will be 100k+ sites having made 250k+ posts using Gutenberg. Core merge of Gutenberg begins the 5.0 release cycle. 5.0 moves into beta releases and translations are completed. There will be a mobile version of Gutenberg by the end of the year. WordPress 5.0 could be as soon as August with hundreds of thousands of sites using Gutenberg before release. Learn more about Gutenberg here, take it for a test drive, install on your site, follow along on GitHub and give your feedback. View the full article
  8. WordPress 4.9.7 is now available. This is a security and maintenance release for all versions since WordPress 3.7. We strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. WordPress versions 4.9.6 and earlier are affected by a media issue that could potentially allow a user with certain capabilities to attempt to delete files outside the uploads directory. Thank you to Slavco for reporting the original issue and Matt Barry for reporting related issues. Seventeen other bugs were fixed in WordPress 4.9.7. Particularly of note were: Taxonomy: Improve cache handling for term queries. Posts, Post Types: Clear post password cookie when logging out. Widgets: Allow basic HTML tags in sidebar descriptions on Widgets admin screen. Community Events Dashboard: Always show the nearest WordCamp if one is coming up, even if there are multiple Meetups happening first. Privacy: Make sure default privacy policy content does not cause a fatal error when flushing rewrite rules outside of the admin context. Download WordPress 4.9.7 or venture over to Dashboard → Updates and click “Update Now.” Sites that support automatic background updates are already beginning to update automatically. The previously scheduled 4.9.7 is now referred to as 4.9.8, and will follow the release schedule posted yesterday. Thank you to everyone who contributed to WordPress 4.9.7: 1naveengiri, Aaron Jorbin, abdullahramzan, alejandroxlopez, Andrew Ozz, Arun, Birgir Erlendsson (birgire), BjornW, Boone Gorges, Brandon Kraft, Chetan Prajapati, David Herrera, Felix Arntz, Gareth, Ian Dunn, ibelanger, John Blackbourn, Jonathan Desrosiers, Joy, khaihong, lbenicio, Leander Iversen, mermel, metalandcoffee, Migrated to @jeffpaul, palmiak, Sergey Biryukov, skoldin, Subrata Sarkar, Towhidul Islam, warmlaundry, and YuriV. View the full article
  9. JimiWikman

    Interaction Design

    Kurskod: ID404F Nivå: Grundnivå Ämnesgrupp: Informatik/Data- och systemvetenskap (IF1) Ämne/områdeskod: Informatik (IKA) Utbildningsområde: Tekniska området 100% Huvudområde: Informatik VFU-andel: - Engelsk titel: Interaction design I Beslut: Fastställd av Utbildningsnämnden för hälsa och samhälle 2014-06-03. Giltig från och med 2015-01-19. Diarienummer: U2014-242-982 Allmänna uppgifter Kursen ges som fristående kurs. Studieform: Nätbaserad. Fördjupningsnivå G1N Grundnivå, har endast gymnasiala förkunskapskrav Förkunskaps- och behörighetskrav Grundläggande behörighet. Syfte Studenten ska utveckla en övergripande förståelse för ämnesområdet interaktionsdesign, inkluderande begrepp, teorier och vetenskapliga diskussioner. Vidare ska studenten utveckla kunskap om interaktion mellan människor och IT gällande design av befintlig och framtida teknik. Studenten lär sig om vedertagna designprinciper, samt utvecklar sin förmåga att problematisera såväl analys, värdering som design för att skapa förutsättningar för ett kritiskt och reflekterande skapande i designprocessen. Innehåll introduktion ämnesområdet Interaktionsdesign (ID) grundläggande användbarhetsorienterat och användarcentrerat designarbete användargränssnittet som kommunikationsmedel analys och värdering av användargränssnitt Lärandemål Kunskap och förståelse Efter genomgången kurs ska studenten kunna redogöra för och definiera vetenskapliga begrepp inom interaktionsdesign med hjälp av litteratur och forskning inom området (1) kunna identifiera och redogöra för grundläggande designprinciper vid design av digitala artefakter (2). Färdighet och förmåga Efter genomgången kurs ska studenten kunna modifiera användargränssnitt för att passa användare och användningssammanhang (3) självständigt kunna genomföra en användarcentrerad designprocess med fokus på design av digitala artefakter (4). Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt Efter genomgången kurs ska studenten kunna värdera och formulera sitt behov av ytterligare kunskap inom interaktionsdesign för att självständigt utveckla sin designkompetens (5) kunna identifiera användbarhet i digitala artefakter och dess betydelse för individer och organisationer (6). Genomförande Undervisningen består av föreläsningar, övningar och laborationer via kursplattform på Internet. Alla praktiska avsnitt och arbetsuppgifter genomförs med hjälp av dator. Kursen förutsätter tillgång till dator och Internetuppkoppling. Examination – prov och former Delprov 1 (2 hp) Designprinciper. Inlämningsuppgiften är en individuell skriftlig examination. Lärandemål 2 och 6 examineras. Betygsgraderna U och G tillämpas. Delprov 2 (3 hp) Användarcentrerad design. Inlämningsuppgiften är en individuell gestaltande examination. Lärandemål 3-5 examineras. Betygsgraderna U, G och VG tillämpas. Delprov 3 (2,5 hp) ID-begrepp och sammanhang. Tentamen via lärplattform, individuell skriftlig examination. Lärandemål 1 examineras. Betygsgraderna U, G och VG tillämpas. För betyget Godkänd på hela kursen krävs minst betyget Godkänd på samtliga delprov. För betyget Väl godkänd krävs betyget Väl godkänd på delprov 2 och 3. Högskolans regler för examination finns att läsa på www.hkr.se/student. Kursutvärdering Kursutvärdering sker i enlighet med av Högskolan utfärdade riktlinjer. Beslut Fastställd av Utbildningsnämnden för hälsa och samhälle 2014-06-03. Giltig från och med 2015-01-19. Revideringar 2017-06-21 Tillägg av en bok. Revidering giltig från och med 2017-08-28. 2016-05-23 Främst omfördelning av lärandemål inom delproven. Revidering giltig från och med 2016-08-29. 2014-06-13 Korrigering av betygsgraderna, delprov 1. Revidering giltig från och med 2015-01-19. Övergångsbestämmelser Student antagen enligt denna kursplan äger rätt att examineras enligt densamma ett (1) år efter att kursplanen upphört att gälla, dvs. ersatts av en ny eller blivit nedlagd. För student som inte har fullföljt kurs med godkänt resultat ett år efter att dess kursplan upphört att gälla kan, inom ytterligare två år och efter prövning av examinator, ges möjlighet till förnyade examinationstillfällen i enlighet med kursplan som innehållsligt kan bedömas som näraliggande och där examination kan genomföras utan att det innebär mer än marginell ökning av de resurser som förbrukas. Efter dessa ytterligare två år kan studenten endast erhålla intyg på avklarade delprov. Litteratur Litteraturlistan kan komma att revideras fram till en månad före kursstart Kurslitteratur finns i viss omfattning att låna eller ladda ner på biblioteket. Talböcker för studenter med läsnedsättning finns sök- och nedladdningsbara i Legimus. Arvola, Mattias (2014), Interaktionsdesign och UX: om att skapa en god användarupplevelse. Lund : Studentlitteratur (168 s). Löwgren, Jonas & Stolterman, Erik (2004), Design av informationsteknik : materialet utan egenskaper. 2 upplagan. Lund : Studentlitteratur (264 s). Norman, Donald A (2013), The design of everyday things. New York, NY : Basic Books (347 s). Vetenskapliga texter i en omfattning av ca 100 sidor tillkommer.
  10. JimiWikman

    Applied Project Management

    Applied project management Projects are not a new concept, but today they are more common than ever. We are faced with an increasing number of situations where we can benefit from collaborating across traditional boundaries and making use of each other’s strengths and differences. But there are pitfalls! Often projects are started with no clearly defined roles, authorization, goals or resources. Purpose Applied project management is a concentrated basic course that gives you a holistic view of project work. The focus is your role as project manager, with emphasis on simple, practical tools you can use in your work. The entire project workflow is discussed, with particular emphasis on the preparation phase. The purpose is to give you: Practical, simple methods for running projects or for using the project format in your daily work. An understanding of the roles and delegation of responsibilities in project organizations. Greater understanding of your role as a project manager. Swedish? The course is also given in Swedish, and is called Praktisk projektledning. Format The course includes lectures, group tasks and discussions. Most of the group tasks involve actual cases, and you are invited to bring your own to the course. Target group Current or future project managers, subproject managers, project administrators and line managers. Everyone who works in or with projects. Scope Four full days. Max 18 participants. Day 1-3: 8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Day 4: 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. PDU-points This course gives you 35 PDU points. PDU points are given to Certified Project Managers by PMI, Project Management Institute. Course contents Think before you act! Managing stakeholders Setting objectives and limits Visualizing the project Planning the work Clarifying roles Interacting with the environment Living with uncertainty Succeeding with realization Practicing leadership Closing the project
  11. Title CCNA Discovery 2 - Working at a Smallto-Medium Business or ISP
  12. CCNA Discovery 1 - Networking for Home and Small Businesses
  13. CCNA Discovery 4 - Designing and Supporting Computer Networks
  14. CCNA Discovery 3 - Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise
  15. JimiWikman

    Things are a bit weird right now

    Life lately have been a bit weird. On one hand I am having a blast at my assignment at H&M and on the other I have this feeling of being unfulfilled. I can not really put my finger on it, but there is something inside that is just so very tired right now. Trying to make sense of this duality is usually a futile exercise since I am very much a duality person. I am extrovert and introvert, Intellectual and creative and so on. My very personality is a continuous conflict and cooperation between my dual natures. Still I am a bit concern about this lack of energy that has caused me to pretty much removed all social activities an engagements outside of work. Still I have this feeling of being drained of energy. Most likely it is because I am frustrated over time in general (late 40 year crisis perhaps?), but I also feel unfocused. Feeling unfocused is common for me and it happens every 3-6 months or so when my mind try to shift in one direction or the other. For a week or so I will be restless and not able to focus on an interest until my mind has shifted over. This time however it has been a little more than that and I struggle a bit to get past it. It's also typical that the universe try to counter my attempts to become a social hermit. So far I have 3 internal requests to educate and hold presentations on how to promote yourself online. I also have several requests to become more involved with Atlassian coming from the Atlassian team. I even got an invite to Barcelona this fall for the Atlassian European Summit. On one hand I am pretty much at the best moment in my life doing what I love most. On the other hand I am at a pretty low point feeling strangely lost and tired. It's a very strange feeling and I will have to figure out a way to break it. I'll start by taking a long vacation and really rest to see if that will help. I am guessing it will, but in case it does not then I'll figure something else out and go from there. Life is a strange thing and sometimes you just need to stop for a moment and see where you are going and why.
  16. With one of the two flagship WordCamp events taking place this month, as well as some important WordPress project announcements, there’s no shortage of news. Learn more about what happened in the WordPress community in June. Another Successful WordCamp Europe On June 14th, WordCamp Europe kicked off three days of learning and contributions in Belgrade. Over 2,000 people attended in person, with hundreds more watching live streams of the sessions. The WordCamp was a great success with plenty of first-time attendees and new WordPress contributors getting involved in the project and community. Recorded sessions from the 65 speakers at the event will be available on WordPress.tv in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the photos from the event. The next WordCamp Europe takes place on June 20-22 2019 in Berlin, Germany. If you’re based in Europe and would like to serve on the organizing team, fill in the application form. Updated Roadmap for the New WordPress Content Editor During his keynote session at WordCamp Europe, Matt Mullenweg presented an updated roadmap for Gutenberg, the new content editor coming in WordPress 5.0. While the editor is in rapid development, with v3.1 being released this past month, the team is aiming to ship Gutenberg with WordPress Core in August, 2018. This is not set in stone — the release date may shift as development progresses — but this gives the first realistic idea of when we can expect the editor to be released. If you would like to contribute to Gutenberg, read the handbook, follow the Core team blog, and join the #core-editor channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. WordCamp Incubator Cities Announced The WordCamp Incubator program helps spread WordPress to underserved communities by providing organizing support for their first WordCamp. The first iteration of this program ran successfully in 2016 and empowered three cities to start their own WordPress communities. This year, the Community Team is running the Incubator program again. After receiving applications from 104 communities, they have selected Montevideo, Uruguay and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia to participate in the program. Both cities will receive direct help from experienced WordCamp organizers to run their first-ever WordCamp as a way to help their WordPress community get started. To find out more about the Incubator program follow the Community team blog, and join the #community-events channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. Further Reading: The WordPress community of Spain recently received an award for being the best open-source community in the country. This month, WordPress reached the milestone of powering 31% of websites. WP Rig is a brand new tool to help WordPress developers build better themes. Block Unit Test is a new plugin to help theme developers prepare for Gutenberg. Near the end of the month, Zac Gordon hosted an online conference focused on JavaScript development in WordPress – the session videos will be available on YouTube soon. If you have a story we should consider including in the next “Month in WordPress” post, please submit it here. View the full article
  17. Home with a summer cold sucks 😞

  18. Announcements in Jira is an important part of the Jira administrators job. The balance between being annoying and not keeping the users properly informed is a thin line indeed. While Jira provide email and banner options, its still a blunt tool to use and sometimes you even wish for your Jira Project Leaders to have the power to keep their projects informed. This is where Announcer for Jira can help. With it's flexible system it can inform users in many ways, including group selection, scheduled notifications, several types of notifications and more you can make your notifications as unobtrusive as your users need them to be. It's quite the tool to add to your arsenal of plugins and during upgrades and incidents your users will love you for giving them the power to be informed.
  19. Planen är att ha minst 4 events varje år och frågan är vad vill ni se och vilka system vill ni att vi fokuserar på?
  20. JimiWikman

    Jira Upgrades - best practices and best tips


    Vi tappade själva uppgraderingen på grund av tekniken vilket var lite synd. Ett bra event annars, men lite för kort tid för planeringen så vi inte riktigt hann med att förbereda. Mycket trevlig lokal och Riada var som alltid toppen 🙂
  21. until
    Join us at Riada HQ, at Vasagatan 36, for a hands-on upgrade of Jira along with best practices and the best tips and suggestions for making the upgrade as easy and painless as possible. Afterwards we open the floor for questions and general discussions regarding the Atlassian Eco-system.
  22. Join us at Riada HQ, at Vasagatan 36, for a hands-on upgrade of Jira along with best practices and the best tips and suggestions for making the upgrade as easy and painless as possible. Afterwards we open the floor for questions and general discussions regarding the Atlassian Eco-system.
  23. Just curious to see who is going to the summits and who is not 🙂
  24. JimiWikman

    Atlassian Summit 2018 - Europe

    The world's next best innovations will be built by teams like yours. This is why our mission is to help unleash the potential in every team and why we hold Summit year after year. Join our team along with other users to be inspired, hear expert advice on the best ways to use Atlassian tools, learn about the latest technology and product updates, and celebrate the teams that make the world a better place. Give your product skills a major boost and earn your certification. Choose from courses ranging from beginner to expert. Learn more Partner Day Join Experts, Marketplace Vendors, Corporate Resellers, Training Partners, and Affiliates for a special day. Learn more Industry User Groups In the automotive, finance, legal, or service industry? Connect with teams like yours to painpoints and best practices. Learn more ShipIt Live Witness teams race against the clock to ship an amazing project and vote for your favorite hackathon winner!
  25. Confluence have many uses, but what do you use Confluence for?
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