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  1. Yesterday
  2. Elementor is one of the big CMS plugins for Wordpress and their Pro version has just announced an update to Elementor 2.0 that allow you to customize sections that usually require code changes such as header and archive pages. This is done in the same easy to use interface as all other Elementor functions and it really look impressive to see it in action. Not only is this addition very useful and impressive in a way that will simplify site creation a lot for people that are not used to, or comfortable with, coding. This is also a core Elementer Pro feature and the Elementor team didn't raise the price at all, so you get it for free if you are already a Pro user. The Elementor Pro 2.0 is taking several steps forward and it really is impressive to see the new templates and how easy it is to change the elements. I still wonder why this is not built into Wordpress by default however, but that is a different topic. Do you use Elementor or or any other CMS plugin for Wordpress and if so how do you like this new addition to the already impressive Elementor 2.0 that you get as a free upgrade?
  3. Today I woke up well rested and ready to take a nice long power walk 🙂

  4. Last week
  5. On this site the aim is to give the users value. To share my knowledge and to provide guidance and inspiration. It's a tricky thing because it's hard to really know what topics to start with. I would like to do series on how to work with Jira and Confluence, but it takes time and I am not sure it will be of use for anyone. Still, I need to do tutorials and guides anyway for many different reasons, so why not start here and see if people like it or not. Maybe I can use this community to see what people think is good and what is in need of improvements and see what comes of that? Maybe I'll do a series of articles and blog posts just to collect some basic information and then take it from there? What would you like to see in such a series?
  6. Today is a beautiful day, but I woke up with a headache and really not feeling that well. Hopefully it will soon pass and I can enjoy my sons 12th birthday properly 🙂

  7. The security researcher Andrey Meshkov, co-founder of Adguard, has discovered five malicious Ad Blockers extensions in the Google Chrome Store that had been installed by at least by 20 million users. The fake Ad blockers are AdRemover for Google Chrome™ (10 million+ users) uBlock Plus (8 million+ users) [Fake] Adblock Pro (2 million+ users) HD for YouTube™ (400,000+ users) Webutation (30,000+ users) Now this is quite disturbing that not only are Chrome Webstore lacking in their screening process, but they are actually allowing malicious code to be uploaded and then installed in unsuspected users computers forming botnets right out of Chrome's own webstore? If you want to know more about the analysis done by Andrey, then check out his blogpost here: https://blog.adguard.com/en/over-20-000-000-of-chrome-users-are-victims-of-fake-ad-blockers/ It seems that since Andrey wrote this all five adblockers have been removed from the Chrome Webstore. A bit late, but better late than never I suppose?
  8. JimiWikman

    Old Images

    Some old images from when I was young 🙂
  9. JimiWikman

    Wedding in France - Laon

    An amazing cathedral in Laon, France.
  10. JimiWikman

    Sälen 2011

    A trip to Sälen where I ended up sick for most of the trip.
  11. JimiWikman

    Images of darkness

    Some old images taken in the dark 🙂
  12. JimiWikman

    Rain and Thunder

    We had a really cool thunderstorm with tons of rain.
  13. Do you have employees that under perform or spread gloom in the workplace? Then chances are that you are the problem! No worries though, you can turn this around with just a few "easy" tricks that will not only have your employees perform better, but also become beacons on positive energy. Under performing employees that are unhappy in the workplace have, in most cases, a good reason for being so. I have found that in almost all cases where I have had people being unhappy at work, it is because there is a lack of leadership. There have been some times where it has been related to personal issues, but most of the time it has been due to leadership issues. As I wrote in my previous article leadership is a key ingredient for a great company and when that fails you will soon see discontent spread within the workforce. It is not hard to spot either as people will leave early, come in late, spend time on things not related to work and discussions with colleagues will be around topics on how poorly things work. Or they will be mostly silent. Sick days will increase and there will be a silence that is not due to focused work, but due to the lack of laughter and casual communication. So what can you do when the workforce start to go silent and dark? Quite a bit actually and not everything require a whole lot of effort. Here are my top 10 ways to break a dark streak. 1. Make time for your people. A lot of the time distance between you as a leader and the people you lead is enough to make people unhappy. Remember that people follow people and as the leader of a group, absence is cause for unhappiness. People need to feel connected or they will start to feel abandoned and lost. You are a leader for a reason after all. By making yourself available and connecting to the people you lead, you strengthen the bond between yourself and the people you lead. Monthly meetings is not nearly enough, so take time to talk to the people. Get to know them and make them feel that you are there for them if they need you. 2. Get to know the people you lead. Take a look around you and observe the people you lead. How many of them do you know what they do outside of work? By connecting to the people you lead on a more personal level, both by learning more about them, but also share about yourself, the better your connection with them will be. Who own a dog and who has a passion for steam engines? Who likes climbing and who used to play professional hockey before joining the company? Do you have people that share the same hobbies or passions like you do? Chances are that the people around you share more things in common with you than you know. Once you start to know the people around you you can begin to see who need you even without them asking for your attention. This allow you to spot potential problems and when people are in need of a positive energy boost. 3. Share your vision If the people you lead don't know where you are going, how can they follow you? No one will blindly follow someone for very long, so make sure you share your vision even if you do not have an actual plan. Make sure you have a short term and long term plan that you can share. This makes people feel involved and hopefully also inspired. If you do not have a plan, then at least have a vision that you can share to give some sense of direction to the people you lead. 4. Give them room to evolve Training and events are expensive, but sometimes they can do wonders for the morale and infuse much needed positive energy. These are not the only things however to inspire and wake that passion inside the people you lead. Sometimes all you need to do is to let them present ideas and listen. Something as easy as having a quick talk session with people talking about things they have learned or know well is all it takes. 2 hours after work where all you need to do is to buy some snacks or food and morale will soar. Presentations of a popular topic is another easy way to let people share their knowledge and form stronger bond together. It elevate the people making the presentations, it increases the overall knowledge of the people you lead and it releases tension while break the regular work for something to look forward to. Encourage initiatives like game nights, sport activities, suggestions for improving things such as work processes and organizing events. This allow people to engage and involve themselves in activities they feel passionate about which increase the well being of everyone in the office. 5. Listen, respect and decide Make it a habit to not only listen, but encourage people to speak up. If you can build an environment where it is not just ok to speak up, but appreciated, then you will have a much better chance to avoid people starting to brood. Find a common forum as well as individual forums to allow people to talk to you about anything. Have group meetings that are not just planned, but that takes place when they are needed. This way people see that their opinions matter and that expressing themselves is important. There are always people that are uncomfortable to speak in groups. For them find a way to speak to them in the way they prefer. It can be a quick chat at the coffee machine, that you drop by their place of work for a casual chat or taking them out for lunch now and then. Also respect if people do not want to talk directly as not everyone feel comfortable in that situation. Listening to what the people you lead want to share does not mean they dictate things, but they should be allowed to influence. At the end of the day you need to take the decisions and as long as you listen and explain your decision people will respect it. They may not like it, but they will respect it because you gave them the opportunity to voice their point of view. 6. People that do not share your vision will never be content There will always be people that you can not bring into the fold, regardless of what you do. These are people that either have issues outside of work where your support in the work place will not help. Or the most common issue is with people that simply have a different vision than you. If your vision does not match that of a certain employee, then that person will never feel secure and comfortable at work. The person can be great in every way, but if there is a mismatch between your vision and theirs, then it will never work. It can be that your vision is a fast paced sales focused organization and the employee want a slower paced customer focused organization. If these two visions clash that person will not be happy and discontent will start to spread and affect others within the organization. For people that end up in this situation you should talk about the situation as soon as possible and together decide on a way forward. It can be to move the employee to another part of the company where their vision is a better fit. It can also be that it is best for everyone if the employee find another workplace where he or she can feel more at home. 7. Use positive reinforcement As with children it is not a good idea to only focus on things that go wrong, but put more effort into things that go right. A leader that only show up when things go bad will not create a positive atmosphere. Make it a habit to give positive feedback when it is warranted. A simple "good work" or "I appreciate the hard work you do" will go along way. Letting your team know that you are proud of their accomplishments will do wonders for morale as long as it come from your heart. Small things like this will have great effect and it does not cost a thing. If the people you lead look up and greet you with a smile when you enter their workspace then you are in a good place. If they look up but do not smile or are silent then you have some work to do. 8. Never discipline people publicly When the time comes to discipline someone, never do so publicly. Always take the person aside to give them the opportunity to respond without an audience. Having people stand in front of others to answer for a potential mistake is not only unfair, but highly disrespectful. Not only will the person you discipline loose all respect for you, but you will also foster an atmosphere where people will be afraid to make mistakes. When people start fearing mistakes, then you are on a downward spiral towards a stale organization where people will not take actions unless they have to. When you need to adress issues that the whole group are responsible for, then that can be taken openly. Just make sure the focus is to solve or change the things that cause problems, not just to complain. 9. Trust the people you lead Leaders by definition have an urge to control things. This is how they ensure that the people they lead are safe. One of the most difficult aspects of being a leader is to know when to step in and control things and when to let the people you lead manage on their own. If you are to controlling they will feel that you do not trust them. If you are letting them roam free to much they will feel abandoned. Know when to lead and when to let them take lead. There will always be those within the work group that are ready to step up if you let them and the most amazing moment as a leader is when you have made your presence obsolete. 10. Your job is to protect the people you lead. The very definition of being leader is to protect the people you lead. You do that in many ways in a workplace. In any situation of us vs them, regardless if it is in regards to the client, management higher up or other companies, you are always on their side. Period. You also need to identify things that threaten the people you lead. This can be anything from disruptions from clients or the workplace itself, lack of tools or processes or or even conflicts in the workforce. Once identified you are the one to solve or show how to solve these items. When the people you lead trust you they will naturally work to protect you as well. People will work harder towards the common goals you share and they will feel connected and engaged in the visions you share. Easy steps to create a work force that is motivated and happy These are not difficult things to accomplish. It's not like any of these things are new or rocket science. As a leader it should make sense to show the path forward, protect the people you lead and solve any potential problems they face. However, in a stressful work environment where the struggles of being a leader are toppled with other responsibilities beside being a leader it is not always so easy. I have seen plenty of good leaders crumble under the burden or economy, sales and things like that. How can you lead people if you spend more time writing economic reports or enduring endless sales meetings than you do taking care of the people you lead? How can you solve problems that the people you lead are facing if you don't know about them? A good leader understand the burden of sales and economy and will let their leaders know if that burden becomes a problem for them to lead. While any good leader will be the first person setting boots on the battle ground and the last one stepping off, it will not really matter if they are fighting alone... If your time is not spend leading, then free your time to get back to that. Hire a salesperson or an accountant to support those activities because as a leader your job is to protect the people you lead. This includes removing risks and you not being there for the people you lead is the biggest risk of all. Be the leader the people you lead deserve and they will gladly follow you through anything!
  14. JimiWikman

    Buddypress 3.0 now in beta 2

    The Buddypress team are working hard on their 3rd incarnation of the popular community plugin for Wordpress that recently celebrated 10 years since the first snippet of code was written by Andy Peatling. Buddypress 3.0 have just been released on Beta 2 and it comes with some interresting and impressive features for the future.
  15. The creative director for the newly released God of War game, Cory Barlog, let his emotions flow when reading the reviews on Metacritic. Being very reluctant to face the reviews is understandable as he and his whole team have worked so hard for so long and really given it their all. When opening the reviews page his heart open the flood gates of emotions and I think every leader in the world can relate to the feeling of relief and pride that Cory feel at that moment. Not only do we wish Cory and his team a big congratulation on making a real hit but we also thank Cory for sharing this amazing moment with us where he show that it's ok to show emotions and to share it with others. God of war was released yesterday and it promises to be a huge sucess. It sit at a 95 metascore at the moment based on almost 100 critics.
  16. May 27, 2018 is the 15th anniversary of the first WordPress release — and we can’t wait to celebrate! Party time! Join WordPress fans all over the world in celebrating the 15th Anniversary of WordPress by throwing your own party! Here’s how you can join in the fun: Check the WordPress 15th Anniversary website to see if there’s a party already planned for your town. If there is, RSVP for the party and invite your friends! If there isn’t, then pick a place to go where a bunch of people can be merry — a park, a pub, a backyard; any family-friendly venue will do! List your party with your local WordPress meetup group (Don’t have a group? Start one!) and then spread the word to other local meetups, tech groups, press, etc and get people to say they’ll come to your party. Request some special 15th anniversary WordPress swag (no later than April 27, please, so we have time to ship it to you). Have party attendees post photos, videos, and the like with the #WP15 hashtag, and check out the social media stream to see how the rest of the world is sharing and celebrating. Don’t miss this chance to participate in a global celebration of WordPress! Special Swag In honor of the 15th anniversary, we’ve added some special 15th anniversary items in the swag store — you can use the offer code CELEBRATEWP15 to take 15% off this (and any other WordPress swag you buy), all the way through the end of 2018! Keep checking the swag store, because we’ll be adding more swag over the next few weeks! Share the fun However you celebrate the WordPress 15th anniversary — with a party, with commemorative swag, by telling the world what WordPress means to you — remember to use the #WP15 hashtag to share it! And don’t forget to check the stream of WordPress 15th anniversary posts. When 30% of the internet has a reason to celebrate, you know it’s going to be great! View the full article
  17. Upgrade to 4.3.0 has been complete 🙂

  18. Working from home and STILL not feeling well. This takes forever....

  19. I once started to give out random points to people in my team. There was no system, just totally arbitrary numbers for the sole purpose to make people smile and laugh for a moment. It turned out to be a lot of fun and in my next project I did the same but used Confluence and was bit serious about it by adding awards and stuff. It was just mean to be for my team, but it quickly spread to other teams and when i left the company the most common question i got was if it was possible to cash in the points 🙂 It was completely stupid, but it turned out to be pretty fun in the end. Do you have anything you did in your project that seemed stupid, but turned out great?
  20. There are 5 Reactions at the moment and I wonder if you miss any reaction that we should add?
  21. JimiWikman

    How to do SAFe in Jira?

    Since Jira only have 3 levels (Epic, Story, Subtask), how do you work with SAFe in Jira?
  22. JimiWikman

    What test tool do you use?

    I see ALM and Jira a lot, but what do you use in your work and is it good?
  23. JimiWikman

    Automation - do you do it?

    Everyone seem to claim they automate tests, but very few actually have something more than very basic testing and tend to invent the wheel with every project... Do you automate and if so what do you automate and how much time did you spend building the tests?
  24. JimiWikman

    SAFe is it enough?

    I see a lot of larger companies going for SAFe these days, presumably because they have realized that Agile is just not working as they had hoped. I am just worried that not even SAFe will have the answers many companies are looking for so they spend a ton of money for something that will fail them as Agile has? What do you think, is Agile the next big thing for large companies and if so is it enough?
  25. JimiWikman

    Github Flow or Git Flow?

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Do you favor one or the other and if so do you stick to one always or do you change depending on the complexity/number of deployment pipes?
  26. The flood doors are open.

  27. Earlier
  28. JimiWikman


    OM KONFERENSEN Kravhantering på riktigt är en konferens för dig som jobbar direkt eller indirekt med kravhantering, från insamling av behov till framtagning av lösning och hantering av kraven. Konferensens talare består av områdesledande specialister som brinner för att driva sina organisationer framåt med hjälp av kravhantering. De kommer att berätta om hur man kan kombinera agila arbetssätt med upphandlingar och om praktiska tillämpningar av UX (user experience) och hur det hänger ihop med kravhantering i stort. Du får höra om idéer från BDD och "Specification by example" och hur teknikerna kan tillämpas i ditt dagliga arbete. I år hålls konferensen den 16 maj med fokus på att ge dig praktiska tips att ta med dig i ditt kravarbete. Oavsett om det är den senaste trenden eller ett specifikt kundfall så kommer du få med dig en checklista att använda dig av på din arbetsplats. Konferensen ger dig: Nya tankesätt och aha-upplevelser för att ta vidare kravandet till nästa nivå Konkreta och praktiska checklistor att ta med i ditt dagliga arbete Möjligheten att träffa och nätverka med kollegor i branschen Konferensen erbjuds i ett samarbete mellan Konsultbolag1 och Dataföreningen Kompetens som båda har sina styrkor i att hjälpa verksamheter i att bedriva framgångsrik och konkurrenskraftig IT.
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