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    Hur man gör succé av projekt som inte går enligt plan. Presentation från SAPSA 2018.
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  4. The new WordPress editor continues to be a major focus for all WordPress contribution teams. Read on to find out some more about their work, as well as everything else that has been happening around the community this past month. Further Enhancements to the New WordPress Editor Active development continues on Gutenberg, the new editing experience for WordPress Core. The latest update for the editor includes great new features, such as reusable content blocks, a dark editor style, export and import of templates, and much more. In addition, the Gutenberg team has published a comprehensive guide to the features currently included in the editor. Users can test Gutenberg right now by installing the plugin, which currently has over 450,000 active installs according to the new Gutenberg in Numbers site. Along with that, the Gutenberg Handbook has some very useful information about how to use and develop for the new editor. Want to get involved in building Gutenberg? Follow the #gutenberg tag on the Core team blog and join the #core-editor channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. Work Begins on WordPress 5.0 After initially announcing a minor v4.9.9 release, the Core team has shifted their focus to the next major release — v5.0. One of the primary factors for this change is that Gutenberg is nearly ready to be considered for merging into Core, with the goal to complete the merge in v5.0. To maintain flexibility in the development process the final timelines are not yet determined, allowing work already done for v4.9.9 to be moved to v5.0 if needed. Ensuring that WordPress is compatible with the upcoming PHP 7.3 release is a high priority for the Core team. Once a final decision is made, the details will be announced on the Core team blog. Want to get involved in building WordPress Core? Follow the Core team blog and join the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. Further Reading: The Community Team has some great updates on the progress of the current WordCamp Incubator Program. A team inside the Drupal community is working on integrating Gutenberg into their CMS. There is a current discussion among community organizers about plans to increase the maximum ticket price for WordCamps. The Mobile Team is looking for people to grow the beta program for testing the iOS and Android mobile apps. The Diversity Outreach Speaker Training group is looking for feedback on their document to assist WordPress Meetups and WordCamps in building diverse speaker rosters. The Theme Team has updated their rules regarding sponsored and affiliate links inside themes added to the Theme Directory. Meetup organizers are now able to receive a WordPress.org profile badge for their community work. If you have a story we should consider including in the next “Month in WordPress” post, please submit it here. View the full article
  5. Getting MacOs Mohave for that dark mode...

  6. JimiWikman

    New apple watch and UPS failure

    On Friday I was supposed to get my new apple watch, but due to missing the very short call from UPS I had to get it on Saturday instead. It's an amazing piece of technology and I really love it so far. It may not seem like a big upgrade, but from a user experience perspective it's a big leap forward. So, UPS that I have always been very happy with showed once more how broken the transport business is. I see it all the time and I am still confused why the transport industry can not get deliveries right. We have the technology for it, but still they seem completely unwilling to make the investment. In this case I got the old "we will deliver any time in a 12 hour window" treatment which is a huge fail on it's own. It's not that damn hard to actually plan a route and give a time interval on when to expect a delivery. I got no notification that the delivery was getting near and when the phone call came I had 15 seconds to reply as the truck was apparently outside. I was making lunch so I did not make it to the phone in time and when I called back there was no reply. I missed my 15 second window and had to wait to the next day to go pick it up in a game store. I don't know how you are, but I am not on standby for 12 hours for a package. I have work and other activities to focus on. Surely it is not a problem to have an automated system to calculate when to send a SMS letting me know that my package is soon to be delivered? Even the pizza deliveries can manage this so why can't UPS get a proper tracking system in place? Anyway, it's not a big deal to wait another day to pick up my watch. It's the annoyance of knowing that my experience of buying this watch got ruined, not by Apple that I bought the product from, but UPS that is just in charge of the delivery. This happen all the time and companies are suffering from poor delivery experiences no matter how hard they try to make the experience as good as possible for their customers. The watch itself is amazing. It's still a bit small for me and I would love a max version that is 50-60mm. If it comes with a band that I can use without using just the last 2 holes, then that would also be amazing. Seriously, my arms are not that big so i can not be the only one wanting a larger watch? Function wise it's not that big of a change, it's the bigger screen and the new interface that is just so amazing to me. I tend to use my watch more than I use my phone as I am in a lot of meetings and notifications are just so smooth on the watch. I keep track of my calendar and read mails on the watch rather than on my phone. I control my music from the watch as well so the upgrade was well worth it for me. The advantage of having two watches now is that I can have the old watch to measure sleep. I was reluctant to do before in case I did not have time to charge the watch properly before leaving for work. Now this is no longer an issue as I have a day watch and a night watch. Overall I am very happy with my new watch, but I will think twice before I get it shipped to me because the experience is very poor...
  7. JimiWikman

    Today is one of those dark days...

    Today is one of those days when darkness is creeping up in your heart and you just want to curl up in a dark corner and be left alone. They are fewer and the time between are longer these days, but they never go away. They are symptoms of a life that is not in balance so I need to deal with that underlying issue. Having a bad day does not really describe what happen when you run low on energy, it's far deeper than that. It's a feeling of being so burdened down and so tired in your very soul that even the slightest "must" feel unbearable. Like it will crush you and push you deeper down into the darkness that you may never come up again. Fortunately this is not my first rodeo with the empty void inside so I know what needs to be done to break through it. I also know that this is not a sign of mental illness or that something is wrong with me. I have just been a bit careless with my energy levels lately. I work very hard with 12 hour days if i count my travel times. Most of that time is spent in meetings with people I do not know discussing complicated issues that must happen on many levels at the same time. This of course cost a lot of energy as it is all on the extrovert side of things with little time for reflection on the introvert side. With so long hours sleep tend to be a bit scarce and water intake is not exactly well maintained. This leads to a poor immune system and once you get sick it leads to stress as you fall behind in your work. Having social obligations during the weekends also reduce the time available for self reflection and mental rest and so eventually the mind will force you to slow down. This is when one of the dark days happen... So today I will spend most of my time in a dark bedroom resting. I'll watch some tv series and I'll do some "brooding" as I call it. It's when I sleep without falling asleep and let my mind wander. Usually my mind can not focus on anything so it jumps all over the place. It is when I feel I can focus again that I know I am getting my energy levels back. This is just the band aid for the current symptom so I need to look at the solution for the long term. If I don't then this dark day will soon be followed by another one until it turn into a full blown depression. So I need to create space for me to have more time to reflect internally so I can regulate the energy spent vs energy gained. Being in meetings and wrestle with really complex issues is generating great energy, but only to a certain point. Once I go past that point it start to eat energy instead so I need to regulate that point so it becomes the right mix of introvert and extrovert activities. I have already started that, so I just need to adjust it a bit. Sleep and water must be better regulated, because I am not taking care of myself in those areas at the moment. I'll put back my water apps and start measuring my sleep cycles again so i can ensure good quality sleep. I'll also need to make space outside of work for reflection, so I'll go back to exercise again since it's good on all levels. On the food side I'll start using my LifeSum app again since I forgot to cancel it and have another year already paid for it. It's not so much to keep track of calories as it is to regulate things I eat. It's a pain to log things so I'll keep it to a minimum which is good for the calorie intake. So today is a dark day, but tomorrow will be great day.
  8. Modern incident management. One place to respond, resolve, and learn from every incident. Raise an incident in Jira Ops or through an integration with your alerting tool. Then fire up a chat room, alert additional responders, and publish initial comms all with a single button. This is Jira Ops. The features looks great and I especially like the connection between the different tools such as the new Jira Ops, that looks very much like ServiceDesk, that connects to StatusPage and Slack. Postmortem followup in Confluence would make it easy to reference in ServiceDesk in the event a similar incident happen again, or if a temporary fix has been setup. Jira Ops is now available for free, at least for now. The integrations looks good and the reports seems ok, but I did not see a SLA setup as we have in ServiceDesk and I would like to know how tasks are connected in case they need to be fixed by a developing team, or other teams using Jira for task management. Affected services are also a bit interesting since it's usually a pretty big database of hardware, software and services for big companies. I will add it to my own setup and play around with it to see how it works and what to expect of it. I like what I see so far though, how about you? Read more about Jira Ops on the Atlassian website.
  9. Many of the WordPress contribution teams have been working hard on the new WordPress editor, and the tools, services, and documentation surrounding it. Read on to find out more about this ongoing project, as well as everything else that has been happening around the WordPress community in August. WordPress 4.9.8 is Released WordPress 4.9.8 was released at the beginning of the month. While this was a maintenance release fixing 46 bugs, it was significant for Core development because it made a point of highlighting Gutenberg — the new WordPress editor that is currently in development (more on that below). This release also included some important updates to the privacy tools that were added to Core earlier this year. Want to get involved in building WordPress Core? Follow the Core team blog and join the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. New WordPress Editor Development Continues Active development continues on Gutenberg, the new editing experience for WordPress Core. The latest version features a number of important user experience improvements, including a new unified toolbar and support for a more focussed writing mode. Users can test Gutenberg right now by installing the plugin, which currently has nearly 300,000 active installs. Along with that, the Gutenberg Handbook has some very useful information about how to use and develop for the new editor. Want to get involved in building Gutenberg? Follow the #gutenberg tag on the Core team blog and join the #core-editor channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. Planning Begins for the Next Global WordPress Translation Day The Global WordPress Translation Day is a 24-hour event held online and all across the world. It is designed to bring communities together to translate WordPress into their local languages, and to help them connect with other communities doing the same thing. There have been three Translation Days since April 2016, and the fourth edition is in the planning stages now. The Polyglots team, who organizes these events, is currently looking for input on the date, format, and content for the event and would love some feedback from the community. Want to get involved in translating WordPress into your own language? Follow the Polyglots team blog and join the #polyglots channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. Further Reading: The Update PHP page on WordPress.org has been revised and improved to make the reasons for upgrading more clear. The Mobile team is looking for people to help test the latest versions of the Android and iOS apps for WordPress. WordBits is a innovative new platform for publishing WordPress-based code snippets with the ability to download each snippet as a working plugin. The Community Team has some updates about how things are going with this year’s WordCamp Incubator program. The WordPress Support Forums now include a feature allowing forum volunteers to easily report a post to the moderators for a follow-up. WordCamp Kochi, India has unfortunately had to postpone their event due to floods in the region. WP Glossary is a new site that offers helpful definitions of words that you could encounter when using WordPress. A few WordPress community members have started a working group to tackle the idea of building diverse WordPress communities all across the world. A new Gutenberg Block Library is available, listing the details of the many blocks available for the new editor. If you have a story we should consider including in the next “Month in WordPress” post, please submit it here. View the full article
  10. When working in Confluence you tend to run into situations where some people disagree if they have approved a change in requirement or decision. You also most certainly have situations where you have told the team that they need to read and approve something, only to have them miss it completely. This is where QC Read and Understood for Confluence can help. The concept is not new, there are other plugins that do similar things, but the QC Read and Understood for Confluence is very simple, yet powerful in it's design. Instead of advanced workflows with approvers and version handling creating multiple version of the page, this plugin let anyone validate that they have read and understood the page. It even keep track of what version of the page the users have accepted, which makes it even more useful. This is perfect for instructions, decisions and if used correctly even for requirements and technical documentation such as integration contracts. For requirements this can be good enough if the team are working closely together, but I can see that in some cases you might want something a bit more powerful, like Comala Workflows. Overall I think this is a very good plugin that is not very expensive compared to the benefit it can give. It's only available for Cloud at the moment, which could be a bit of a negative if your Jira instance is server based or you run it in Data Center. If you use it let me know how you like it and how you use it and if you don't use it do you think it seems good or not?
  11. The question of using groups or roles in Jira is always active and you have people advocating both passionately. In my experience Roles is the preferred way to secure your jira instance when you are working in larger companies where user management is not handled in Jira itself. Groups is an excellent way to quickly manage users. It requires one activity and can add a user to multiple projects in one swift action. The downside is that if you do not have control of the group itself, then it quickly becomes a black hole in your solution. This is a common issue in large organizations where the management of the groups are done outside of Jira, for example in an AD. The separation from Jira, both for the creation of groups and the approval of adding users to a group, makes it impossible for the project owner in Jira to know who is actually in a group. On the other hand the approver on the other side know what users are in the group, but not what projects in Jira they have access to. If you also add the common issue with on boarding and off boarding users that often is handled by a central support organization, then you might have a problem keeping track of who actually have access to what information in Jira. As I am a strong advocate of the shift-left way of working I often suggest moving to a roles based setup. This forces the Jira Project Admins to take responsibility for adding and removing users to their project. It also remove the need for support to manage the users, which speed up the process of adding and removing users AND it naturally break down larger projects to smaller ones. This is often beneficial as many larger organization has this fear that having many projects make it difficult to work across Jira projects. This creates mega projects with hundreds of teams, which is not very efficient or fun to work in. Splitting into smaller projects also clarify where there are missing roles, which is not always clear in mega projects. When I create my roles I try to break them down into two types: Access and logical units. Access of course dictate what actions you can take within a project and I tend to have just three roles as I think you should trust the members of your project. The roles I define are Admins, users and watchers. Admins are of course the people that can do the bulk changes and manage the projects. Users are the ones that do the actual work and watchers are people that want access to see what is going on. The users I then break down into logical units. Not for access or permissions, but to visualize what people are actually in the project. Depending on the type of project these roles can be a bit different. If it is a development project I would add these roles: Management - Management people involved in the project. Typically business owners and stakeholders on the business side and project managers on the development side. Requirement - For the people working with requirement. Designing - UI/UX designers. Development - The developers and architects. Testing - Test lead, manual testers and developers of automated tests. Acceptance - The people in charge of accepting the solution through acceptance testing. Deployment - If it is applicable and there are specific deployment managers. Doing this break down illustrate pretty clearly if the project is people in key roles. If you have 100 developers and 3 testers, then you are most likely not optimized for quality deliveries. The same thing if you have people that complain that they are both management and acceptance, then you know you are missing technical acceptance testers. I know some companies separate internal development from external sourcing partners. This is not very good to do because it creates a gap in the information flow and if you have selected someone as your sourcing partner, then you should be able to trust them. If you have information that they should not be aware of, then make sure you separate that in a different project, not using roles or groups within the same project. It quickly becomes messy and people are uncomfortable hiding things from each other. I know there are challenges with breaking up larger projects to smaller ones, especially when working with tests, but that is a topic for next time. Until then, do you agree with my thoughts on groups vs roles for Jira?
  12. JimiWikman

    Solstice of Heroes is just amazing!

    Solstice of Heroes is here and with it we have a ton of fun ways to spend our time! The aim, should you wish to attempt it, is to slowly upgrade your armor to 400 through a series of activities that pretty much span over most of the activities in Destiny 2. One of the things I miss in destiny 2 is that once you have done the weekly milestones you are pretty much left with nothing to do. Sure you can grind for items, but at this point i am not sure there are any items I actually want to hunt for. The Solstice of Heroes provides a lot of activities that you can do as you see fit for the next month or so, which is really nice. I just completed the armor on my Titan and with the exception of the Crucible parts (because I suck in PVP) it was a great experience. It's now time to complete the first upgrade for my warlock and hunter as well. I will start with my warlock because I feel it's easier to get the Crucible power kills with my Warlock in case I want to try that before next weeks Mayhem event. The aim is to have all the Scorched upgrade tasks completed except for the Crucible power kills by next week. This way I can complete the crucible part during next weeks Mayhem, which should make it easy to get the 30 power kills (compared to now). All other aspects of the upgrades should be easy enough to do solo except perhaps for the Redux missions and the Nightfall that I'll do with my clan mates for easy completion. Here is what each class will need to do to upgrade their Scorched (240 power) set to Rekindled (340 power). Hunter Head - Spark Redux mission, 90 solar orbs in the EDZ, 10 kills in the Crucible Arms - Homecoming Redux mission, 150 arc orbs, complete a meditation with Ikora Chest - Chosen Redux mission, 90 arc orbs in strikes, complete 10 Heroic public events Legs - 1AU Redux mission, 150 void orbs, defeat 50 mini-bosses Cloak - Payback Redux mission, get 30 kills with your Super in the Crucible, complete 10 patrols Titan Head - Spark Redux mission, 150 arc orbs, 10 kills in the Crucible Arms - Homecoming Redux mission, 90 solar orbs in strikes, complete a meditation with Ikora Chest - Chosen Redux mission, 90 void orbs in the EDZ, complete 10 Heroic public events Legs - 1AU Redux mission, get 30 kills with your Super in the Crucible, defeat 50 mini-bosses Mark - Payback Redux mission, 150 void orbs, complete 10 patrols Warlock Head - Spark Redux mission, 30 kills with your Super in the Crucible, 10 Crucible kills Arms - Homecoming Redux mission, 90 arc orbs in strikes, complete a meditation with Ikora Chest - Chosen Redux mission, 150 solar orbs, complete 10 Heroic public events Legs - 1AU Redux mission, 90 void orbs in the EDZ, defeat 50 mini-bosses Bond - Payback Redux mission, 150 void orbs, complete 10 patrols Once your armor has been upgraded to Rekindled, you’ll need to complete another set of objectives to further increase its power. Here is what each class needs to do to upgrade their Rekindled (340 power) set to Resplendent (400 power). Hunter Head - Chosen Redux mission, 160 void energy weapon kills, complete the Nightfall Arms - Payback Redux mission, 120 void grenade kills, complete three Heroic strikes Chest - 1AU Redux mission, 80 solar power weapon kills, win five non-private Crucible matches Legs - Spark Redux mission, 60 solar melee kills, complete 10 adventures Cloak - Homecoming Redux mission, 200 arc super kills, complete 20 challenges Titan Head - Chosen Redux mission, 200 solar super kills, complete the Nightfall Arms - Payback Redux mission, 160 solar energy weapon kills, complete three heroic strikes Chest - 1AU Redux mission, 120 arc grenade kills, win five non-private Crucible matches Legs - Spark Redux mission, 60 void melee kills, complete 10 adventures Mark - Homecoming Redux mission, 80 arc power weapon kills, get 500 kills Warlock Head - Chosen Redux mission, 160 void energy weapon kills, complete the Nightfall Arms - Payback Redux mission, 60 arc melee kills, complete three heroic strikes Chest - 1AU Redux mission, 120 solar grenade kills, win five non-private Crucible matches Legs - Spark Redux mission, 200 arc super kills, complete 10 adventures Bond - Homecoming Redux mission, 80 solar power weapon kills, get 500 kills Once the armor has been upgraded to Resplendent, it will be at 400 power. However, there is one more upgrade for players to earn. Here is what each class needs to do to upgrade their Resplendent (400 power) set to a Masterwork Resplendent set (400 power). Hunter Head - Complete the Prestige Nightfall within the point threshold, which is noted on each strike emblem Arms - Complete five heroic strikes in a group with at least one clanmate Chest - Complete the Prestige Leviathan raid Legs - Reach the Valor rank of Legend in the Crucible Cloak - Defeat 10 bosses Titan Head - Complete the Prestige Nightfall within the point threshold, which is noted on each strike emblem Arms - Complete five heroic strikes in a group with at least one clanmate Chest - Complete the Prestige Leviathan raid Legs - Reach the Valor rank of Legend in the Crucible Mark - Defeat 10 bosses Warlock Head - Complete the Prestige Nightfall within the point threshold, which is noted on each strike emblem Arms - Complete five heroic strikes in a group with at least one clanmate Chest - Complete the Prestige Leviathan raid Legs - Reach the Valor rank of Legend in the Crucible Bond - Defeat 10 bosses Once you’ve unlocked one of the armor sets, there will be an ornament slot that will allow you to go back to the Scorched or Rekindled appearances. So far I feel that this is one of the best events so far. It's diverse, does not include the Raid, it span over several weeks and it can be done completely solo (even if it's a bit hard). The rewards are great as well with armor glows, exotic vehicles, weapon ornaments and so on. Good job on this one Bungie!
  13. We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of WordPress 4.9.8. This maintenance release fixes 46 bugs, enhancements and blessed tasks, including updating the Twenty Seventeen bundled theme. Following are the highlights of what is now available. “Try Gutenberg” callout Most users will now be presented with a notice in their WordPress dashboard. This “Try Gutenberg” is an opportunity for users to use the Gutenberg block editor before it is released in WordPress 5.0. In WordPress 4.9.8, the callout will be shown to the following users: If Gutenberg is not installed or activated, the callout will be shown to Admin users on single sites, and Super Admin users on multisites. If Gutenberg is installed and activated, the callout will be shown to Contributor users and above. If the Classic Editor plugin is installed and activated, the callout will be hidden for all users. You can learn more by reading “Try Gutenberg” Callout in WordPress 4.9.8. Privacy fixes/enhancements This release includes 18 Privacy fixes focused on ensuring consistency and flexibility in the new personal data tools that were added in 4.9.6, including: The type of request being confirmed is now included in the subject line for all privacy confirmation emails. Improved consistency with site name being used for privacy emails in multisite. Pagination for Privacy request admin screens can now be adjusted. Increased the test coverage for several core privacy functions. This post has more information about all of the issues fixed in 4.9.8 if you’d like to learn more. Download WordPress 4.9.8 or venture over to Dashboard → Updates and click “Update Now.” Sites that support automatic background updates are already beginning to update automatically. Thank you to everyone who contributed to WordPress 4.9.8: 1naveengiri, Aaron D. Campbell, Aaron Jorbin, Abdullah Ramzan, alejandroxlopez, Allen Snook, Andrea Fercia, Andrew Ozz, Andrew Taylor, Arun, Ayesh Karunaratne, Birgir Erlendsson (birgire), Birgit Pauli-Haack, BjornW, Boone Gorges, Brandon Kraft, Burhan Nasir, Chetan Prajapati, Chris Lema, Corey McKrill, Daniel Bachhuber, Daniel James, David Herrera, Dion Hulse, Dominik Schilling (ocean90), dontstealmyfish, dyrer, Felipe Elia, Felix Arntz, Fernando Claussen, Gareth, Garrett Hyder, Gary Pendergast, Gennady Kovshenin, GM_Alex, Heather Burns, Ian Dunn, ibelanger, imath, Jb Audras, Jeremy Pry, JJJ, Joe McGill, Joen Asmussen, John Blackbourn, Jonathan Desrosiers, Jonny Harris, Josepha, JoshuaWold, Joy, jrf, K. Adam White, khaihong, kjellr, Konstantinos Xenos, laurelfulford, lbenicio, Leander Iversen, leemon, macbookandrew, Marius L. J., Matias Ventura, Mel Choyce, mensmaximus, mermel, metalandcoffee, michelleweber, Milan Dinić, Muhammad Kashif, Naoko Takano, Nathan Johnson, Ov3rfly, palmiak, Paul Biron, Prashant Baldha, PressTigers, programmin, Rafsun Chowdhury, redcastor, Robin Cornett, Sergey Biryukov, Simon Prosser, skoldin, spyderbytes, Subrata Sarkar, Sébastien SERRE, Tammie Lister, tharsheblows, Thomas Patrick Levy, timbowesohft, Timothy Jacobs, Tobias Zimpel, Tor-Bjorn Fjellner, Towhidul Islam, Usman Khalid, warmlaundry, William Earnhardt, Yui, and YuriV. View the full article
  14. I am having a blast doing the Solstice of Heroes in Destiny 2 🤪

  15. With WordPress 5.0 coming closer, there’s lots of work going on all across the project. Read on to learn about how we progressed in July. Release of WordPress 4.9.7 On July 5, WordPress 4.9.7 was released, fixing one security issue and 17 other bugs across the platform. While this is a minor release, incremental fixes are essential to keep WordPress running smoothly. Everyone is encouraged to update as soon as possible and to make sure that automatic updates are switched on. Would you like to get involved in building WordPress Core? Follow the Core team blog and join the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. The New WordPress Editor In the upcoming minor release of WordPress, 4.9.8, a new section in the dashboard will feature Gutenberg, the upcoming content editor for WordPress. While the official release of Gutenberg is scheduled for the coming months, you can already install it as a plugin to test it out right now. Additionally, a brand new demo page is now available — play around with the many features the editor has to offer, without installing it on your own site. Would you like to help build or test Gutenberg? Follow the Core team blog and join the #core-editor channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. Page Design Updates on WordPress.org Bit by bit we’re refreshing the design of WordPress.org. The latest pages to get a new treatment have been the Download page and user profiles. The Meta and Design teams worked hard to make these new designs a reality, with notable contributions from @melchoyce, @obenland, @mapk, and @kjellr. The new designs enhance the overall look of the site and provide more relevant information to those searching. Would you like to get involved in the design refresh? Follow the Meta and Design team blogs and join the #meta and #design channels in the Making WordPress Slack group. The First WP-CLI Hack Day On Friday July 20, the WP-CLI team held their first hack day — a global event encouraging people to contribute to the official command line tool for WordPress. Run by @schlessera, the event was a great success. Twelve pull requests were merged and another 13 submitted. It also included a video chat to give all contributors a space to meet each other and connect directly. Would you like to get involved in contributing to WP-CLI? Follow the team blog and join the #cli channel in the Making WordPress Slack group. Further Reading: The WordPress Foundation is looking for local community organizers to run introductory open-source workshops in 2018. @chanthaboune compiled updates for the last quarter from the contribution teams all across the WordPress project. In a great move for internationalization, the WordPress Mobile Apps now support right-to-left languages. WordCamp events can now accept payment via Stripe — PayPal remains an alternative option. The WP-CLI team will soon release v2.0 of the official WordPress command line tool. The Fields API project in WordPress Core is looking for a new lead to drive it forward. In WordPress 4.9.8, it will be possible for developers to fully register the meta fields used by their plugins and themes. After many years of hard work, v1.0.0 of the WordPress Coding Standards for PHP_CodeSniffer has been released. The Mobile team is looking for people to help test v10.6 of WordPress for iOS. If you have a story we should consider including in the next “Month in WordPress” post, please submit it here. View the full article
  16. Destiny 2 have been pushing out news about their upcoming expansion The Forsaken, but it is not what have had me excited about the game again. It was when I paid someone to do the Raid for me. Paying someone to play for you might seem stupid, but for me the wall between me and the content in the Raid has been nagging me since I started to play Destiny 2. I am all for premium content being hard to get, but the idea to lock it behind an activity only possible for an organized team with plenty of time of their hands suck. I am a solo player and I find that kind of locked content offensive to be honest. So for me to spend money on having someone play the Raid so I can access the loot (which is pretty nice, but not really necessary) took me over that blockage I have had since day one. Somehow it also made me feel good that I could help someone getting started with this kind of service since I used a rather new seller instead of one of the established ones. As a result I had a really great communication and the seller went above and beyond to give great service. It's an amazing feeling to be in a position where you can do that and it's just so satisfying to see their business take off once they get their initial reviews. Not only did I get passed the block that the Raid posed, I have slowly getting over my feelings of discomfort about using Discord with strangers. I had some great play time this weekend and i am slowly making friends to play with, which feels great. I accidentally stumbled into an Escalation protocol last night and actually completed it even if the group was completely disorganized and I think I was the only one actually using supers. It was a bit disappointed though that I did not have a key once the chest actually dropped, but the fact that I can do the Escalation Protocol and hold my own felt pretty good. I will do more of that. Thanks to this I actually did all milestones with all 3 characters last week and I even managed to complete almost all quests for all Exotics. I still need to do some Raid related stuff for Legend of Acrius that I will pay to get done this week. This means that I feel good about the game again and I have just a few things I still want to get from the Raid and that is Midnight Coup and Sins of the Past. I am in no hurry to get those however and I am pretty confident that I will sooner or later do a Raid or two myself. Out of curiosity if nothing else. I also have Trials of The Nine on my list even if I am not much of a PVP person. I was a bit surprised over my stats for PVP actually considering I play solo and that comes with all kinds of pain, especially if you like me have the misfortune to run into cheaters using ISP package hacks. Still I managed to get a 42% winning stat which I can assure you is not the feeling I have most games. Imagine having a proper team to play with that can organize their game?! I am now waiting for the Solstice of Heroes event to kick off tonight and then it's the Iron Banner on the 14th that I will push a bit in to get some of the missing ornaments. It will be fun to have something to focus time on in game now that I am nearing the cap for my power level. It will be quite the grind, but we have 4 weeks so it should not be a problem I think. If you ever want to join me for a game, just post a comment here with your Battle.net tag and I will gladly join you for a game or two 🙂
  17. Atlassian and Slack have forged a new strategic partnership. They will discontinuing Hipchat and Stride, and are providing a migration path to Slack for all their customers. This is a huge step for Atlassian and it comes with some problems for companies that have decided against Slack as their team communication tool. The biggest issue some companies have regarding Slack is that it's not possible to host and develop for internally. The benefits should more than make up for that, especially in distributed development teams. Slack is by many, including me, considered to the standard for group communication for development teams. Not only are most companies using it, officially or unofficially, but many communities are also based on Slack these days. I find this move a bit surprising from Atlassians side, but I think if we can build upon the integrations a bit where needed it can be a really, really good move for both Atlassian and Slack. The Press release (https://www.atlassian.com/blog/announcements/new-atlassian-slack-partnership)
  18. Wisdom does not come from education, but from experience. The wisest person you know might surprise you because they are the most humble people that often get overlooked. Rick Rigsby will make you laugh and he will make you cry in this emotional video.
  19. JimiWikman

    Quarterly Updates | Q2 2018

    To keep everyone aware of big projects and efforts across WordPress contributor teams, I’ve reached out to each team’s listed representatives. I asked each of them to share their Top Priority (and when they hope for it to be completed), as well as their biggest Wins and Worries. Have questions? I’ve included a link to each team’s site in the headings. Accessibility Contacted: @rianrietveld, @joedolson, @afercia Priority: Working to make sure that Gutenberg is reasonably accessible prior to merge. ETA is before 5.0 Struggle: Lack of developers and accessibility experts to help test and code the milestone issues. The team is doing outreach to help solve this problem. Big Win: Interest from companies like The Paciello Group and Tenon.io to help out with Gutenberg code review and testing tools. CLI Contacted: @danielbachhuber, @schlessera Priority: Very first global Hack Day is coming up July 20. Version 2.0.0 is still in progress (new ETA is end of July). Struggle: The team continues to need new contributors. The current team is tiny but tough. Big Win: WP-CLI is currently one of the project’s four main focuses, as mentioned in the Summer Update at WordCamp Europe. Community Contacted: @francina, @hlashbrooke Priority: Focusing on smoothing out the processes in our community management by building up our team of volunteers and establishing what tools we need to keep things running well. ETA is ongoing. Struggle: Our two biggest struggles at the moment are tracking what we need to get done, and making final decisions on things. There is current work on the tools available to assist with tracking progress. Big Win: After making a concerted effort to get more contributors on the Community Team, we now have a much larger group of volunteers working as deputies and WordCamp mentors Core Contacted: @jeffpaul Priority: Following the WordCamp Europe summer update (and the companion post here), the team is getting Gutenberg (the new WordPress editing experience) into a strong state for the 5.0 release. Potential ETA as soon as August. Struggle: Coordinating momentum and direction as we start seeing more contributors offering their time. Still working our way through open issues. The team is starting multiple bug scrubs each week to work through these more quickly and transparently. Big Win: Had a sizable release in 4.9.6 which featured major updates around privacy tools and functionality in Core. Design Contacted: @melchoyce, @karmatosed, @boemedia, @joshuawold, @mizejewski Priority: Better on-boarding of new contributors, especially creating better documentation. ETA is end of July. Struggle: It’s hard to identify reasonably small tasks for first-time contributors. Big Win: The team is much more organized now which has helped clear out the design backlog, bring in new contributors, and also keep current contributors coming back. Bonus: Joshua Wold will co-lead the upcoming release. Documentation Contacted: @kenshino Priority: Opening up the work on HelpHub to new contributors and easing the onboarding process. No ETA. Struggle: Some blockers with making sure the code and database can be ready to launch on https://wordpress.org/support/ Big Win: The first phase of HelpHub creation is complete, which means content updates (current info, more readable, easier discovery), internal search, design improvements, and REST API endpoints. Hosting Contacted: @mikeschroder, @jadonn Priority: Preparing hosts for supporting Gutenberg, especially support questions they’re likely to see when the “Try Gutenberg” callout is released. ETA July 31st, then before WordPress 5.0 Struggle: Most contributions are still made a by a small team of volunteers. Seeing a few more people join, but progress is slow. Big Win: New team members and hosting companies have joined the #hosting-community team and have started contributing. Marketing Contacted: @bridgetwillard Priority: Continuing to write and publish case studies from the community. ETA is ongoing. Struggle: No current team struggles. Big Win: Wrote and designed a short Contributor Day onboarding card. It was used at Contributor Day at WCEU and onboarding time went down to 1 hour instead of 3 hours. Meta (WordPress.org Site) Contacted: @tellyworth, @coffee2code Priority: Reducing manual work around the contributor space (theme review, GDPR/privacy, plugin review). ETA for small wins is end of quarter, larger efforts after that. Struggle: Maintaining momentum on tickets. There are also some discussions about updating the ticket management process across teams that use the Meta trac system. Big Win: The new About page launched and has been translated across most locale sites. Mobile Contacted: @elibud Priority: Getting Gutenberg in the mobile applications. ETA is late December. Struggle: Consuming the Gutenberg source in the ReactNative app directly. More info can be found here: https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/2018/07/09/next-steps-for-gutenberg-mobile/ Big Win: The WordPress mobile applications now fully support right-to-left languages and are compliant with the latest standards for accessibility. Plugins Contacted: @ipstenu Priority: Clearing ~8,000 unused plugins from the queues. Likely ETA is September. Struggles: Had to triage a lot of false claims around plugins offering GDPR compliance. Big Win: Released 4.9.6 and updated expectations with plugin authors. Huge thanks to the Core Privacy team for their hard work on this. Polyglots Contacted: @petya, @ocean90, @nao, @chantalc, @deconf, @casiepa Priority: Keep WordPress releases translated to 100% and then concentrate on the top 100 plugins and themes. ETA is ongoing. Struggle: Getting new PTEs fast enough, and complex tools/systems. Overall, the volume of strings awaiting approval. Support Contacted: @clorith Priority: Getting ready for the Gutenberg callout (it got pushed last quarter). Needing a better presence on the official support forums, and outreach for that is underway, ETA end of July. Struggle: Keeping contributors participating post-contributor days/drives. Considering the creation of a dedicated post-contributor day survey to get some insight here. Big Win: The increase in international liaisons joining for weekly meetings, helping bring the wider support community together. Theme Review Contacted: @acosmin, @rabmalin, @thinkupthemes, @williampatton Priority: Building a better Theme Check/Sniffer in order to automate most of the checks done right now by reviewers. ETA late 2018, early 2019. Struggle: Bringing in new contributors to the team. Big Win: Trusted Authors program Tide Contacted: @valendesigns (but usually @jeffpaul) Priority: Storing PHPCompatibilty results inside the WordPress.org API and building a UI to display those results, an endpoint to request an audit is required for this work to continue. Struggle: Development has dramatically slowed down while team members are on leave or pulled into internal client work. Big Win: Migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from Amazon Web Services (AWS) is complete and the audit servers have all been rewritten in Go. (This allows us to be faster with greater capacity and less cost.) Training Contacted: @bethsoderberg, @juliek Priority: Lesson plan production. ETA is ongoing. Struggle: The workflow is a little complex, so recruiting and training enough contributors to keep the process moving is a struggle. Big Win: WordCamp Europe’s Contributor Day was very productive. New tools/workflow are in place and two team representatives were there to lead and help. Interested in updates from the first quarter of this year? You can find those here: https://make.wordpress.org/updates/2018/04/24/quarterly-updates-q1-2018/ View the full article
  20. Invision is a popular tool for visual designers and UX designers, but it is usually a pain to transfer the information over to Jira. With Invision for Jira that becomes less problematic since you can embed an inline prototype directly into a Jira issue that also include the inspect function that makes life easier for the developers. While this is very nice, it really is just a fancy way to link people to Invision because the links will take you to Invision and you get the same issue with making sure everyone have a login and understand the way Invision works. This does not solve the actual problem to bring in the information the designers need into the documentation, it just add a more convenient way to direct the users to Invision. So this leaves the designs in Invision, which is not a good place to keep designs once they are agreed upon since you need to ensure the designs are not continuously improved as that cause issues with requirements. This can be solved by transferring projects to a another, controlled Invision instance, but that is messy and prone to confusion and mistakes. What I would like to have is a way to embed this directly into Confluence where it can be version handled and controlled from a requirements perspective. The concept is amazing, but the solution right now is not enough for a good way to bring in design in a controlled way as a requirement into Jira unfortunately.
  21. JimiWikman

    Warframe Fortuna - we all lift together

    Warframe, the free to play game that just keep putting all other games to shame when it comes to content creation and communicating with their community, announced a new city to play around in called Fortuna. The presentation comes with an amazing song that just hit me right in the heart! Do you like it?
  22. Gliffy Projects for Jira is another great product from the Gliffy Team and this time they help bridging the gap between design and development. It's an easy concept that is easily understood by the designers using hotspots in the design directly connected to development tasks. The concept is super easy and it is quite nice to be able to just add work tasks directly to a design the way Gliffy Projects do it. The down side however is that you need to use another image manager which is the Gliffy Projects. If I am already using Invision for example it does not really feel natural to add the images again to another tool just to create the hotspots to Jira. For this to be a slam dunk I would love to see it integrated in Confluence like their other products so I can stay in one tool for requirements and from there simply connect the uploaded designs in the same way. I do hope Gliffy are working on this because that would make this an invaluable tool in any project using visual design or workflows that need to be translated into activities.
  23. JimiWikman

    Finally back in the gym again!

    It's been a very long time since I went to the gym, but I am finally back again. I am weak and today I am in pain as my muscles complain about the abuse I put them through the last few days. It feels pretty good in other words. As usual when I hit the gym I go for contact over weight. People look a me a bit weird when I workout since I do not push for heavy weights since my body is so weak right now. Instead I focus on getting the movements right. Technique is more important and instead of stressing the muscles with heavy weights, which means I would risk injuries, I "bleed" them instead. Bleeding the muscles is just pumping them so full of blood that you rip the muscle fibers from within. This can be done with small weights so the risk is smaller than loading up on heavy weights. The pain is just as bad though, so that is good. The aim now is to push at least four days a week for the next 4 weeks to get into the routine gain. As I go back to work after the vacation I need to figure out how to keep the training going. As I work long days that are eleven to thirteen hours long with commuting that makes working out a bit difficult unless I want to hit the gym at the same time as everyone else. I do not like that kind of training though and I just get frustrated in crowded gyms. I also need to do something about my core. I have problems finding good ways to get focused core training and since that is my biggest training area due to a funnel chest and weak abs. I am considering if I should join a Tae Kwon Do club as I love the art of kicking and it's an amazing way to get great core training that I love to do. I also need the flexibility training as I am getting old and stiff. First I need to get my body used to the workout again so I do not have to walk around like a zombie due to the muscle pain 🙂
  24. JimiWikman

    Playing Destiny 2 online is a bit scary

    Playing Destiny 2 is fun, but being a solo player means you are pretty much screwed out of most of the end game activities such as Raid and Escalation Protocol. The solution is to join a clan, but that require you to connect with people that you do not know over Discord. That is a bit scary. As a person I like meeting new people in person, but I hate talking to them on the phone. That is because I pick up so much in the communication non verbally so I feel a bit awkward just using voice communication. In my gaming I do not play that much. In fact I spend roughly 10-12 hours a day with work, if I include the travel time. That leaves very little time to play games, especially a game like Destiny where you pretty much need to be organized if you want to get anywhere with end game activities. So in order to actually do Nightfall and Trials I joined a clan. Well, technically it's my second clan since the first one kind of died out. Joining a clan is just the first step however and you need to join in on one of the chat rooms to co-ordinate things. In my clan we use Discord for this, which is a great way to communicate. But a bit scary. You pretty much randomly call someone and you have no idea who might be on the other end. This is a bit scary, but scary does not always have to be bad. Sometime scary is actually quite fun as you get to push your own limits a bit. So far my experiences have been great, but there is a lot to learn about the online social interaction that is quite different from analog social interactions.
  25. JimiWikman

    Update on Gutenberg

    Progress on the Gutenberg project, the new content creating experience coming to WordPress, has come a long way. Since the start of the project, there have been 30 releases and 12 of those happened after WordCamp US 2017. In total, there have been 1,764 issues opened and 1,115 closed. As the work on phase one moves into its final stretch, here is what you can expect. In Progress Freeze new features in Gutenberg (the feature list can be found here). Hosts, agencies, teachers invited to opt-in sites they have influence over. WordPress.com has opt-in for wp-admin users. The number of sites and posts will be tracked. Mobile app support for Gutenberg will be across iOS and Android. July 4.9.x release with an invitation to install either Gutenberg or Classic Editor plugin. WordPress.com will move to opt-out. There will be tracking to see who opts out and why. Triage increases and bug gardening escalates to get blockers in Gutenberg down to zero. Gutenberg phase two, Customization exploration begins by moving beyond the post. August and beyond All critical issues within Gutenberg are resolved. There is full integration with Calypso and there is opt-in for users there. A goal will be 100k+ sites having made 250k+ posts using Gutenberg. Core merge of Gutenberg begins the 5.0 release cycle. 5.0 moves into beta releases and translations are completed. There will be a mobile version of Gutenberg by the end of the year. WordPress 5.0 could be as soon as August with hundreds of thousands of sites using Gutenberg before release. Learn more about Gutenberg here, take it for a test drive, install on your site, follow along on GitHub and give your feedback. View the full article
  26. WordPress 4.9.7 is now available. This is a security and maintenance release for all versions since WordPress 3.7. We strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. WordPress versions 4.9.6 and earlier are affected by a media issue that could potentially allow a user with certain capabilities to attempt to delete files outside the uploads directory. Thank you to Slavco for reporting the original issue and Matt Barry for reporting related issues. Seventeen other bugs were fixed in WordPress 4.9.7. Particularly of note were: Taxonomy: Improve cache handling for term queries. Posts, Post Types: Clear post password cookie when logging out. Widgets: Allow basic HTML tags in sidebar descriptions on Widgets admin screen. Community Events Dashboard: Always show the nearest WordCamp if one is coming up, even if there are multiple Meetups happening first. Privacy: Make sure default privacy policy content does not cause a fatal error when flushing rewrite rules outside of the admin context. Download WordPress 4.9.7 or venture over to Dashboard → Updates and click “Update Now.” Sites that support automatic background updates are already beginning to update automatically. The previously scheduled 4.9.7 is now referred to as 4.9.8, and will follow the release schedule posted yesterday. Thank you to everyone who contributed to WordPress 4.9.7: 1naveengiri, Aaron Jorbin, abdullahramzan, alejandroxlopez, Andrew Ozz, Arun, Birgir Erlendsson (birgire), BjornW, Boone Gorges, Brandon Kraft, Chetan Prajapati, David Herrera, Felix Arntz, Gareth, Ian Dunn, ibelanger, John Blackbourn, Jonathan Desrosiers, Joy, khaihong, lbenicio, Leander Iversen, mermel, metalandcoffee, Migrated to @jeffpaul, palmiak, Sergey Biryukov, skoldin, Subrata Sarkar, Towhidul Islam, warmlaundry, and YuriV. View the full article
  27. JimiWikman

    Interaction Design

    Kurskod: ID404F Nivå: Grundnivå Ämnesgrupp: Informatik/Data- och systemvetenskap (IF1) Ämne/områdeskod: Informatik (IKA) Utbildningsområde: Tekniska området 100% Huvudområde: Informatik VFU-andel: - Engelsk titel: Interaction design I Beslut: Fastställd av Utbildningsnämnden för hälsa och samhälle 2014-06-03. Giltig från och med 2015-01-19. Diarienummer: U2014-242-982 Allmänna uppgifter Kursen ges som fristående kurs. Studieform: Nätbaserad. Fördjupningsnivå G1N Grundnivå, har endast gymnasiala förkunskapskrav Förkunskaps- och behörighetskrav Grundläggande behörighet. Syfte Studenten ska utveckla en övergripande förståelse för ämnesområdet interaktionsdesign, inkluderande begrepp, teorier och vetenskapliga diskussioner. Vidare ska studenten utveckla kunskap om interaktion mellan människor och IT gällande design av befintlig och framtida teknik. Studenten lär sig om vedertagna designprinciper, samt utvecklar sin förmåga att problematisera såväl analys, värdering som design för att skapa förutsättningar för ett kritiskt och reflekterande skapande i designprocessen. Innehåll introduktion ämnesområdet Interaktionsdesign (ID) grundläggande användbarhetsorienterat och användarcentrerat designarbete användargränssnittet som kommunikationsmedel analys och värdering av användargränssnitt Lärandemål Kunskap och förståelse Efter genomgången kurs ska studenten kunna redogöra för och definiera vetenskapliga begrepp inom interaktionsdesign med hjälp av litteratur och forskning inom området (1) kunna identifiera och redogöra för grundläggande designprinciper vid design av digitala artefakter (2). Färdighet och förmåga Efter genomgången kurs ska studenten kunna modifiera användargränssnitt för att passa användare och användningssammanhang (3) självständigt kunna genomföra en användarcentrerad designprocess med fokus på design av digitala artefakter (4). Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt Efter genomgången kurs ska studenten kunna värdera och formulera sitt behov av ytterligare kunskap inom interaktionsdesign för att självständigt utveckla sin designkompetens (5) kunna identifiera användbarhet i digitala artefakter och dess betydelse för individer och organisationer (6). Genomförande Undervisningen består av föreläsningar, övningar och laborationer via kursplattform på Internet. Alla praktiska avsnitt och arbetsuppgifter genomförs med hjälp av dator. Kursen förutsätter tillgång till dator och Internetuppkoppling. Examination – prov och former Delprov 1 (2 hp) Designprinciper. Inlämningsuppgiften är en individuell skriftlig examination. Lärandemål 2 och 6 examineras. Betygsgraderna U och G tillämpas. Delprov 2 (3 hp) Användarcentrerad design. Inlämningsuppgiften är en individuell gestaltande examination. Lärandemål 3-5 examineras. Betygsgraderna U, G och VG tillämpas. Delprov 3 (2,5 hp) ID-begrepp och sammanhang. Tentamen via lärplattform, individuell skriftlig examination. Lärandemål 1 examineras. Betygsgraderna U, G och VG tillämpas. För betyget Godkänd på hela kursen krävs minst betyget Godkänd på samtliga delprov. För betyget Väl godkänd krävs betyget Väl godkänd på delprov 2 och 3. Högskolans regler för examination finns att läsa på www.hkr.se/student. Kursutvärdering Kursutvärdering sker i enlighet med av Högskolan utfärdade riktlinjer. Beslut Fastställd av Utbildningsnämnden för hälsa och samhälle 2014-06-03. Giltig från och med 2015-01-19. Revideringar 2017-06-21 Tillägg av en bok. Revidering giltig från och med 2017-08-28. 2016-05-23 Främst omfördelning av lärandemål inom delproven. Revidering giltig från och med 2016-08-29. 2014-06-13 Korrigering av betygsgraderna, delprov 1. Revidering giltig från och med 2015-01-19. Övergångsbestämmelser Student antagen enligt denna kursplan äger rätt att examineras enligt densamma ett (1) år efter att kursplanen upphört att gälla, dvs. ersatts av en ny eller blivit nedlagd. För student som inte har fullföljt kurs med godkänt resultat ett år efter att dess kursplan upphört att gälla kan, inom ytterligare två år och efter prövning av examinator, ges möjlighet till förnyade examinationstillfällen i enlighet med kursplan som innehållsligt kan bedömas som näraliggande och där examination kan genomföras utan att det innebär mer än marginell ökning av de resurser som förbrukas. Efter dessa ytterligare två år kan studenten endast erhålla intyg på avklarade delprov. Litteratur Litteraturlistan kan komma att revideras fram till en månad före kursstart Kurslitteratur finns i viss omfattning att låna eller ladda ner på biblioteket. Talböcker för studenter med läsnedsättning finns sök- och nedladdningsbara i Legimus. Arvola, Mattias (2014), Interaktionsdesign och UX: om att skapa en god användarupplevelse. Lund : Studentlitteratur (168 s). Löwgren, Jonas & Stolterman, Erik (2004), Design av informationsteknik : materialet utan egenskaper. 2 upplagan. Lund : Studentlitteratur (264 s). Norman, Donald A (2013), The design of everyday things. New York, NY : Basic Books (347 s). Vetenskapliga texter i en omfattning av ca 100 sidor tillkommer.
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