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Sick for weeks and time to think



These last 3 months or so have not exactly been the best months of my life and it's all due to several periods of sickness. While it's not really surprising that sickness sets in considering the fact that my son and wife both are in school so they get all the nice viruses flourishing there. I spend 15 hours a week in public transportation and 40 hours a week meeting new people almost on a daily basis, so no wonder we sometimes bring home unwanted guests.

Normally this is manageable with a few periods every year when you are down. Usually around school start as that's when the viruses are a bit extra nasty. This period however it has not been manageable and I have had as many periods of sickness in 3 months as I normally have for a full year. This last month has been extra gruesome with the culmination now with 5 days of high fever from the flu.

I have had high fever many times and 40+ in fever is not really uncommon for me. This time however it hurt. A lot. Going from being so cold that my skin shifted color to purple blue to so hot that I felt that my skin would melt away was more intense than usual, even if my fever was not really that high. The combination with my lower back, that i have issues with, starting to ache like a madman and as a result a headache that borderline migraine made this fever trip very unpleasant.

The good thing about being curled up on a fetus position with a mind ravaged by fever and pain is that you have pretty much nothing else to do than think. About life in general and your own position in particular. There are a lot of things that comes to the surface so you can process it and for the past 5 days I have come to realize many things about myself that I now need to work on.

First and foremost I need to break this trend of getting sick, so I need to seriously buff my immune system. I have already cut back on activities that steal energy, but I need to build up activities that also give energy as I am missing that a bit. So far I have been a bit reluctant because these things also cost energy and i have felt that my reserves have been to low to proceed. It's time to realize that there is never any good time to get the ball rolling, but it has to be done.

Food is very important and I have started a LCHF regiment that has worked amazing for me. I have lost 5 kg in just a few weeks with no loss of energy. In fact it has been quite the opposite. I started a regiment of adding vitamins and minerals as well, which also has improved my energy levels. I still need to work on my sleep cycles and water intake as I still fail in that regards. It's time to start measuring sleep again and activate my water app to keep me reminded to drink on a regular basis.

I will book a health test to rule out any physical problems that might cause issues. This will give me a baseline for where I stand and then I can move forward from there. As I start to work out again I will put a strain on my immune system so short term I expect some impact on my health. Long term it will improve health so that is what matters. I will continue with my LCHF regiment and of course ensure I get the vitamins and minerals I need to stay healthy.

Once my health is back on track, then I can proceed with the other aspects of life that need a change.

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