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New apple watch and UPS failure



On Friday I was supposed to get my new apple watch, but due to missing the very short call from UPS I had to get it on Saturday instead. It's an amazing piece of technology and I really love it so far. It may not seem like a big upgrade, but from a user experience perspective it's a big leap forward.

So, UPS that I have always been very happy with showed once more how broken the transport business is. I see it all the time and I am still confused why the transport industry can not get deliveries right. We have the technology for it, but still they seem completely unwilling to make the investment. In this case I got the old "we will deliver any time in a 12 hour window" treatment which is a huge fail on it's own. It's not that damn hard to actually plan a route and give a time interval on when to expect a delivery.

I got no notification that the delivery was getting near and when the phone call came I had 15 seconds to reply as the truck was apparently outside. I was making lunch so I did not make it to the phone in time and when I called back there was no reply. I missed my 15 second window and had to wait to the next day to go pick it up in a game store.

I don't know how you are, but I am not on standby for 12 hours for a package. I have work and other activities to focus on. Surely it is not a problem to have an automated system to calculate when to send a SMS letting me know that my package is soon to be delivered? Even the pizza deliveries can manage this so why can't UPS get a proper tracking system in place?

Anyway, it's not a big deal to wait another day to pick up my watch. It's the annoyance of knowing that my experience of buying this watch got ruined, not by Apple that I bought the product from, but UPS that is just in charge of the delivery. This happen all the time and companies are suffering from poor delivery experiences no matter how hard they try to make the experience as good as possible for their customers.

The watch itself is amazing. It's still a bit small for me and I would love a max version that is 50-60mm. If it comes with a band that I can use without using just the last 2 holes, then that would also be amazing. Seriously, my arms are not that big so i can not be the only one wanting a larger watch?

Function wise it's not that big of a change, it's the bigger screen and the new interface that is just so amazing to me. I tend to use my watch more than I use my phone as I am in a lot of meetings and notifications are just so smooth on the watch. I keep track of my calendar and read mails on the watch rather than on my phone. I control my music from the watch as well so the upgrade was well worth it for me.

The advantage of having two watches now is that I can have the old watch to measure sleep. I was reluctant to do before in case I did not have time to charge the watch properly before leaving for work. Now this is no longer an issue as I have a day watch and a night watch.

Overall I am very happy with my new watch, but I will think twice before I get it shipped to me because the experience is very poor...


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