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QC Read and understood for Confluence



When working in Confluence you tend to run into situations where some people disagree if they have approved a change in requirement or decision. You also most certainly have situations where you have told the team that they need to read and approve something, only to have them miss it completely. This is where QC Read and Understood for Confluence can help.

The concept is not new, there are other plugins that do similar things, but the QC Read and Understood for Confluence is very simple, yet powerful in it's design. Instead of advanced workflows with approvers and version handling creating multiple version of the page, this plugin let anyone validate that they have read and understood the page. It even keep track of what version of the page the users have accepted, which makes it even more useful.

This is perfect for instructions, decisions and if used correctly even for requirements and technical documentation such as integration contracts. For requirements this can be good enough if the team are working closely together, but I can see that in some cases you might want something a bit more powerful, like Comala Workflows.

Overall I think this is a very good plugin that is not very expensive compared to the benefit it can give. It's only available for Cloud at the moment, which could be a bit of a negative if your Jira instance is server based or you run it in Data Center.


If you use it let me know how you like it and how you use it and if you don't use it do you think it seems good or not?




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