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Message added by JimiWikman

Destiny 2 is getting fun - yes I paid someone to do the Raid



Destiny 2 have been pushing out news about their upcoming expansion The Forsaken, but it is not what have had me excited about the game again. It was when I paid someone to do the Raid for me.

Paying someone to play for you might seem stupid, but for me the wall between me and the content in the Raid has been nagging me since I started to play Destiny 2. I am all for premium content being hard to get, but the idea to lock it behind an activity only possible for an organized team with plenty of time of their hands suck. I am a solo player and I find that kind of locked content offensive to be honest.

So for me to spend money on having someone play the Raid so I can access the loot (which is pretty nice, but not really necessary) took me over that blockage I have had since day one. Somehow it also made me feel good that I could help someone getting started with this kind of service since I used a rather new seller instead of one of the established ones.

As a result I had a really great communication and the seller went above and beyond to give great service. It's an amazing feeling to be in a position where you can do that and it's just so satisfying to see their business take off once they get their initial reviews.

Not only did I get passed the block that the Raid posed, I have slowly getting over my feelings of discomfort about using Discord with strangers. I had some great play time this weekend and i am slowly making friends to play with, which feels great.

I accidentally stumbled into an Escalation protocol last night and actually completed it even if the group was completely disorganized and I think I was the only one actually using supers. It was a bit disappointed though that I did not have a key once the chest actually dropped, but the fact that I can do the Escalation Protocol and hold my own felt pretty good. I will do more of that.

Thanks to this I actually did all milestones with all 3 characters last week and I even managed to complete almost all quests for all Exotics. I still need to do some Raid related stuff for Legend of Acrius that I will pay to get done this week. This means that I feel good about the game again and I have just a few things I still want to get from the Raid and that is Midnight Coup and Sins of the Past.

I am in no hurry to get those however and I am pretty confident that I will sooner or later do a Raid or two myself. Out of curiosity if nothing else. I also have Trials of The Nine on my list even if I am not much of a PVP person. I was a bit surprised over my stats for PVP actually considering I play solo and that comes with all kinds of pain, especially if you like me have the misfortune to run into cheaters using ISP package hacks. Still I managed to get a 42% winning stat which I can assure you is not the feeling I have most games. Imagine having a proper team to play with that can organize their game?!

I am now waiting for the Solstice of Heroes event to kick off tonight and then it's the Iron Banner on the 14th that I will push a bit in to get some of the missing ornaments. It will be fun to have something to focus time on in game now that I am nearing the cap for my power level. It will be quite the grind, but we have 4 weeks so it should not be a problem I think.

If you ever want to join me for a game, just post a comment here with your Battle.net tag and I will gladly join you for a game or two 🙂


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