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Playing Destiny 2 online is a bit scary



Playing Destiny 2 is fun, but being a solo player means you are pretty much screwed out of most of the end game activities such as Raid and Escalation Protocol. The solution is to join a clan, but that require you to connect with people that you do not know over Discord. That is a bit scary.

As a person I like meeting new people in person, but I hate talking to them on the phone. That is because I pick up so much in the communication non verbally so I feel a bit awkward just using voice communication.

In my gaming I do not play that much. In fact I spend roughly 10-12 hours a day with work, if I include the travel time. That leaves very little time to play games, especially a game like Destiny where you pretty much need to be organized if you want to get anywhere with end game activities.

So in order to actually do Nightfall and Trials I joined a clan. Well, technically it's my second clan since the first one kind of died out. Joining a clan is just the first step however and you need to join in on one of the chat rooms to co-ordinate things. In my clan we use Discord for this, which is a great way to communicate. But a bit scary.

You pretty much randomly call someone and you have no idea who might be on the other end. This is a bit scary, but scary does not always have to be bad. Sometime scary is actually quite fun as you get to push your own limits a bit.

So far my experiences have been great, but there is a lot to learn about the online social interaction that is quite different from analog social interactions.


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