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Day 2 - Back training



Day 2 felt a lot better and I did a focused 55 minute training session where I focused on my back. That felt familiar and all the old moves came back to me. Instead of feeling silly and walking around the gym like a ghost I had purpose again.

I am still weak, but feeling the burn while doing low weights with control is pretty awesome anyway. Lat pulldown I built up with sixes until I did a three on 65kg which is actually ok. Tried out some face pulls and did rows with both narrow grip and bar to test some things.

Over all it was a nice workout and I took a slight detour on my way back to pick up some groceries and a big package of toilet paper. It was actually a bit heavy to carry home for 3-4 kilometers and in total I did almost 11 kilometers walking in addition to my gym time.

I now have a very impressive pain in some of my muscles that was expected. It's mostly the triceps that restrict movement, which happen every time I get started again. Back, lats and chest also is complaining loudly so I will rest now for a few days before hitting the gym again so my muscles can rest from this shock.

Meanwhile I am checking times to see if I can go training early and of course looking into a workout plan. My focus areas are stomach, back and legs, which might sound strange, but they are my weak points. Since I have a funnel chest my stomach need extra attention because getting a flat stomach is almost impossible.

I will slowly build up my strength for pullups and dips in the assistant machine for that and I will also do some workout to correct posture and things like that before I start to go heavy. The aim is still body weight in the big three: bench press, dead lift and Squats with bench press being the toughest one.

It feels great being back in the gym and I look forward to the next session already!


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