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Building a documentation space



Building a documentation space with SharePoint. Through Teams. No, I am not joking. I am actually doing this and it's not even a painful experience, quite the opposite!

Teams from Microsoft is starting to popup in many organizations now and with it comes all of the other fun parts of Office 365. Including the creation of sites in SharePoint for each team you create in teams. Using Sharepoint for me has been pretty much a pain in the behind and I have hated SharePoint for many, many years.

Not because it's a bad service, not at all. It's because people never use it right and I spend more time requesting access and finding out who owns what document than actually working with the damn documents.

With Jira I want a common place to document the daily work processes, the technical setups and of course how to work with the system. I also want to keep people informed about what goes on in the world of Jira as well as bringing in the Yammer and teams discussions in one place.

As it turns out this is very easy to do with Office 365 and it takes literally no time at all to do it.

What I did was I created a new Teams. This automatically created a SharePoint site with a basic template. I then connected Yammer to Teams with a few clicks to bring in the Yammer conversations into my teams channel of choice. I also added a Yammer component to the SharePoint startpage. This not only bring in the lastest conversations, it also give me a posy function to yammer directly from my Sharepoint site.

I rearranged the startpage a bit and added some components and posted some news and now I have a complete site in SharePoint that is completely integrated with Teams. Just to make it a bit easier to find I added the site also as a tab in Teams, so now I can just manage all of my activities through teams.

SharePoint sites are pretty nice and since you already have connections throughout your office 365 experience it's actually super easy to setup an information hub that everyone in your team can access and work with.

I am impressed Microsoft, very impressed.


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