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Wanting to be alone is not a bad trait at all



A lot of people likes to be alone. Not because they do not like other people and not because they are weird or creepy, but because they have a need to spend time reflecting and regain their inner energy. We call these people introverts and as I am one of the people that share this trait I often see other introverts struggle with their need to be alone as it is not socially accepted.

I am one of the people with a dual disposition where I am equally extrovert as I am introvert. My extrovert side allow me to be what some people refer to as a social and likable person. I am funny and find it easy to make others laugh and feel comfortable around me. I am also the person many people stop on the street when they need to ask for directions and things like that.

The other side of me is the introvert part where I have a need to reflect and think without distractions. I am very comfortable being on my own and I very rarely feel lonely even when I am away from my family. It's not that I do not miss my family, it's just that being away from them do not make me feel lonely. Time on my own is very important for my well being as well because as much as I love to interact with other people I do tend to spend a lot of energy doing so. Even if I do get energy from that interaction it also drain me of energy very slowly and sooner or later I need time to recover.

I do this by going inside myself and close myself off from others. In parties I am often one of the first that leave. Not because I do not like the people or the party, but because I get overwhelmed and because I spend so much energy that my energy levels drain faster than usual.

In my youth I struggled with this because I thought I was weird and strange. In our society we do not see the need to be alone as something that is socially acceptable but something odd and weird. Today I am very comfortable with this and I am open with the fact that I will not be as social as others might think or want because I have a need to be alone to recover my energy levels.

I had a period 20 years ago where I burned myself out completely and for a year I could barely function as a human being. I am well aware of the cost to ignore the signs my body will give me when my energy levels are getting low and there is not a single person in this universe that will be able to shame me to be social because of this. I do not care if someone think I am boring or unsocial because they can never understand what it means to need time alone. Not everyone feel that they have the strength to do that however because they feel the social pressure from people around them.

This is one of the causes many young people to harm themselves or even take their own lives. When I found this video it really resonated with me because being a persone that need alone time is not a bad thing. We are not weirdos or creeps, we are quite amazing in our own way and we should never have to hide who we are because we live in a society where the social norms are written by the extroverts.

So if you also like time alone and if you feel that social pressure to deny yourself that time to reflect and regain your energy levels, then watch this movie. You are an amazing person and regardless of what people around you think or say you are not the only person in the world who feel this way. There are many of us and it is perfectly ok and normal if you want time for yourself.

Never let anyone convince you that you are anything but awesome just because you sometimes prefer to be alone.

You are perfect just the way you are.

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